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The Miss America Pagent Called But....

The Last Friday Of The Year

Begrudging Thankfulness

High Five to Queen Latifah

Friday Cow Blogging With Lights!!

*When Bad Things Happen To Good People*

Another totally easy recipe.....

Thankfulness Somemore

And Here Is What They Look Like

Marshmallow Monday


I Guess That This Answers The *HO* Question

When Good Christmas Greetings Go Bad....

Friday Cow Blogging

Cause ya'll know I hate being left out....

And so what about today....

An open letter to Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms. Wal Mart Shopper

OMG....Someone Needs To Fess Up!!


Deep In the Heart of Texas ~clap clap clap~

The New Kid In Town.....

Now Back To Your Scheduled Programming...

Thanksgiving 2005


Thanksgiving 1992

Dammit! I was the CLOWN!!

~singing~ She works hard for the money....

Hurry before the postage rates go up!!

Magnet Swap Update

*Thinking the magnets would go really well with our tin foil hats......*

Tomorrow Being A Voting Day Here In Texas and All.....

~singing~ Who are you? Who? Who? Who Who?

Special Guest for Friday Cow Blogging

What? What? Can you hear me now??

Tiny October Treasure

Newest Addition To The Herd

October 27, 2005

What has happened to October?


I Get To Be the Pot of Gold!

Obeying the All Seeing Frog


Happy Happy Birthday Be Bo!!!

Ya'll Are All BAD BAD BAD....

And another one....

Return Visit to the Library

Just Stuff

What day is it KIDS!?!?!??!

Fall Fashion Tips.....

Lorna and her questions....

SSDL (same stuff different life....)

Ride Cowally Ride

There's No Place Like Home

Train Up A Child In A Child In The Way They Should Go....

Friday Cow Blogging

New books by Air Mail!!!

New Friday....New Cow

You just may be the next big winner....

I Am A Follower Today...Not a Leader...

Swing Your Partner Dosey Doe

Friday Cow Blog and Old Riddle

Optical-less Illusion

My Coma

Men Never Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses....