Friday Cow Blogging

This is the cow that was sponsored by The American Cancer Society. I am in love with his vibrant colors! He now lives on the grounds of our local hospital. He is also one of the cows that is in remarkably good shape. I did not realize how badly damaged a lot of our cows have become until I started doing this. He is also one of the cows that does not have a name.

His back end shows some of the programs that benefit the American Cancer Society. We here at the office are always involved in the Relay For Life. In fact, we won best costume 2 years in a row. ~pouts~ They did not pass out awards last year....I guess they knew we would win again. Have we not shown your our hippy or the pirate pics???


  1. Great cow! How many were there all together?

  2. Oh, I like this one too! I like the handprints all over him and the booty shot too!

    Sorry you missed out on winning best costume prize for the third year in a row.

    So, you gonna post some hippie/pirate pics??/

  3. no name cow I love you! :)

  4. This cow should be called "Patty-cake". Cute!

  5. My favorite cow yet!

  6. That is my new favorite. "Hands" down.


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