OKAY.....LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!! Today is the deadline to send out your purty magnets. Mary Beth needs to get some sort of an award or something! She sent hers out and Baby Gator has already received them ( I really like them!) then she also sent a bluebonnet magnet to Lorna. Big round of applause for Mary Beth!! I have seen what Baby Gator, AX and Rach are mailing out. I have not heard anything from the rest of you. Please either email me or leave a comment here so that I know what is going on with the status of your magnet.

Also, if you have not signed my guest map....please please please do so!!


  1. Golly, I did not even sign up and I feel compelled to answer roll call and send a magnet somewhere! I think she is serious, you people! Y'all better report in!

    I did not know you had a guest map. I am going now to sign up.

  2. I got my magnets from QG! I posted about them here (scroll down to the middle). Thanks for inviting me to this swap.

  3. OOHH! I'm glad to see ax174 got the magnets. Thanks for the lovely comments, too! I haven't received mine yet, but as soon as I do I'll take a photo and post.

  4. reporting in!

    hey I left a comment saying that I'd sent mine out - I think it was on Wednesday.

    I received the blue bonnet from Mary Beth too and posted on it - though the photo didn't do it justice so I didn't post that

  5. Hey QG I loved those magnets you sent! I read don't mess with a texan and the boot made me laugh.

    did you know that fridge magnets are very few and far between here in Finland. sigh.

    I couldn't find one that was really Finnish or anything from this town :(

  6. I must admit shamefacedly that mine did not get into the mail yesterday, but it will on Monday. My apologies.

  7. Did mine Day 1 and David got it :)

  8. Yes, I got it and it was really cool. R2Ks snagged a photo of me from my blogsite and had it made into a magnet with one of my favorite Bible verses. I ~biting left corner of lower lip~ sent her magnet in the mail on Monday. Well, it took a while 'cause I changed my mind after I got the swell magnet she sent me. I had to make something by hand. Hope you like it, R2Ks!

  9. I'll check my mailbox like a kid waiting for Santa :)


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