The Miss America Pagent Called But....

Rach and I are just too busy to participate....

This is the two of us at the a hockey game. She, Jackson, Bebo and I went a few weeks ago (another of my winning on the radio things) and our team won! The team all gathered around us after the game wanting our autographs! Can you imagine? But we told them that we were incognito that night and they understood.

My To-Do list will be up tomorrow and this ties right in with it. Rach and I will be in Austin Texas on January 9th thru the 13th for training. The infamous M2 will also be with us. We were wondering if any one of you bloggers will be in the area so that we can meet ya!! Just drop me a line and let me know and we will make plans.


  1. Oh, it would be fun to go to Austin again! Have a great time!

    Happy New Year

  2. Sigh...yep, once again, bloggy friends are going places together, meeting up, having fun to blog about later...but am I included? Nooooo....

    (said in my best Eeyore voice)

  3. Not me, but gosh are you 2 cute!

  4. Well, if only they had sent y'all to Houston, I coulda drove on over...Austin's a little fer...though I am sure the drive would be worth it to meet y'all!

  5. Austin Texas no :(

    Tallinn (Estonia) yes - could you get the meeting transferred please :)

  6. lol....I do not think that anyone has anything to worry about. No takers yet.

    And I always adored eeyore....

  7. Well, OKC to Austin isn't that bad, maybe we'll have to plan something in this New Year!

  8. I replied to your latest post before scrolling down to see this one. Apologies for being hasty!

    Austin is a definite possibility. Email me directly and let me know--you should have the address from the last swap. Are you not going to Galveston for a meeting this year?

  9. I live in Austin - I would love to meet y'all!!!! Where will you be?


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