Begrudging Thankfulness


Okay, ya'll have been forewarned....I am not in the bestest of moods. I am usually pretty upbeat but not today.


I am usually very content with my life. Let's face it...I have a very sweet life and I know that. I am very blessed. But, once every few months, for a few days, I wake up this way. In a funk. Wanting so badly for their to be someone special in my life. I am also very good (when I am in this mood) at pointing out to God all of the things that he has blessed others with and totally forgot about giving any to me! Sometimes, I do feel that way, that God has forgotten me. Not in a bad way but more in a laid your keys down and cannot locate them at the moment kind of way. Like I am not a Princess. I know differently. I know I am never forgotten and I am beloved. Knowledge wise, I know all about God's perfect timing and blah blah blah.

**Note from God: *Readers, she ranted all about this to me last night. She is alright just give her some time. She knows what she knows but she just has to squawk about it sometimes. And for gosh sakes, put up those shopping carts!*

So, I have decided to work on my list today. It does not come too easily. Promise you tomorrow....or well, in a few days I will be better.

1. Popcorn balls....though I have eatten too many.

2. New frog house shoes.

3. Sharpies...damn I love my Sharpies.

4. Cell phones....even if it is not ringing.

5. My charm bracelet.

6. Being healthy when everyone around me is dropping like flies.

7. Sleep

8. My sewing machine.

9. A daughter that let's you call her and cry.

10. Only gaining 3 pounds during the holidays.

11. Pay day.

12. Looking forward to getting to go to Austin.

13. Toe nail polish.

Sorry, but that is all I got right now!!

And just what is on your list??


  1. Hey! I know this guy - name of Bobby... *hee, hee, hee*

    I'm glad you have your Sharpies. I am putting away the shopping cart and have even started bringing them in from outside. Promise.

    In reference to #6: I am going home. Again. (Insert long, pathetic whine here.) I hate being sick.

  2. ~rolling my eyes really BIG at sick whiney rach~

  3. Aw, Mindy; I hope you're feeling better soon.

    On my (short) list:
    1. tea - lots of tea
    2. sweatshirts
    3. the new pjs I made

    Happy New Year from your bloggy friends.

  4. As usual, you top my list of things, erm...people I am thankful for.

    Also: thin crust pizza,vacation days, and e-mail.

  5. I'm thankful for good jewelry, hot showers, coffee in the mornings and the Bible. I'm fascinated with the Bible.

  6. Writer786:28 PM

    PandtheB, I'm glad to see you make a conscious push toward gratefulness on the bad days. Remember, in the Psalms, David didn't hold back from pouring out his complaint to God. He just directed his toughts to God's goodness after he was done ranting - exactly like you are doing!

    I've been lonely and upset this holiday season, the first without Mom, and with an ongoing frustrating lack of boyfriend.

    But I am thankful for Craftster swaps (I love thrift store purse revamping!); fabric trim on super-clearance; food days at work (and freedom to pig out, since it's a holiday); two great country music radio stations in my Chicago suburb; my wonderful Dad who understands that he's not Mom and that I want Mom; my wonderful church home of 7+ years; finally finishing the short story I started in July! Yes, there is a lot of good in life, and the best is Jesus Christ's salvation!

  7. Go visit my blog. You'll feel better.

  8. I know you are sad, and I wish I could fix it. Me and my friends are trying to think of people. I hope you know that I love you and I promise promise promise its all going to be alright. Blah Blah Blah...God's time.

  9. 1. hot tea on a chilly day
    2. kids who come home
    4. white out
    5. hair dye
    6. new years
    7. girl friends who pray for eachother

  10. I'm thankful for:
    --discovering the joys of blogging and finding wonderful new friends I never would have met otherwise, like you.
    --my new laptop mac that helps me blog along the road of life
    --reading the Bible in 90 days and forming the habit of daily Bible reading
    --dodging Hurricane Rita
    --Christmas visits from Portia and Babs
    --my extended family
    --lots of other things but this is getting too long.
    Happy New Year Mindy!

  11. hey I'm just thankful you can be honest here on your blog

    yes it would be nice to wake up to someone you loved - and it's not wrong to cry out to God in the pain when that's not the fact!

    Love your thankfulness

    I'm thankful that today in our house as I did some spiritualcleaning, God walked with me every step of the way.

  12. I want to thank you all for your comments. They helped so much and today is much much better.

    Writer, I have missed you so much but felt like you needed your space. I am sorry if I let you down girl!

  13. Mindy, you are a real live Princess to me! Every day!

    I am grateful for:

    1) this week off of work (because at the University we don't get off on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, the other days regular people get)

    2) my pajama pants, and sitting around in 'em all day

    3) my washer & dryer. Wow, do I ever love doing laundry in the house & not at a laundromat!

    4) Austin, one of my favorite places in the world, and that you get to go there. Have fun!


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