The Last Friday Of The Year

First is a much better day. Things have totally flipped from yesterday. I found someone you ask??? ~laffin~ Oh no you silly reader! But ~keeping her fingers crossed~ I may just buy a vehicle in the next few days. I drive a 1989 Toyota Camry. She has been a good car bless her little heart and has not given me a moments trouble. Well, she has but not running wise. She has this odd little quirk. Her doors tend to freeze shut in the winter time. No one at work is ever surprised to have me call and say, *Someone needs to come and get me cause I cannot open the car door!* Anyway, a deal may just be coming my way. I am working on getting financing so send up some prayers for me. Ya'll know my situtation. I am not poor but sometimes it is tight on that single parent income. Or, would any one like to buy a share in the new used car that I may purchase?!!? I would forever be grateful and would name my next cat after you if I ever get to move to a place that allows cats....I PROMISE!! Also, I know so many of you sent prayers up for me after yesterday's post. Thank you because I know that is why things are better and falling in line for me today. I love you all.

Second thought.....

I never keep resolutions. They seem confining to me. I have been toying around with writing my 100 things I want to do before I die list but I think iI have lost that list somewhere. So, this is what I am thinking, who wants to join me on making a list outlining just what you want to get done in 2006? (I KNOW what you are are saying *eerrrmmm....Mindy that is a list of resolutions!* I am saying I am calling it something different so that maybe I will actually do it.) I am working on a list of 12 things. One thing for each month should not be all that hard. What do you say? Wanna join in??


  1. Sounds like a great idea to me. Count me in.

  2. oh Mindy

    Put the kettle on, I'm popping round for a cup of tea with my next door neighbour that I cannot yet see :)

    and what was that programme anyway. And did you see me? If it was the declaration of Christmas peace there I was - dark hat and dark grey coat with lovely Christmas red scarf and Mary Poppins umbrella - very wet and laffin' though there had been tears on the way there :(

    12 things list
    I'm in ... this might need to be modified some :) but here's what I'm thinking

    1. Phone Mindy (email me your number! I'm serious)
    2. Stick to my Bible reading plan, and pray the office daily - even if it means getting up earlier!
    3. Laugh more
    4. Let go
    5. Forgive more easily
    6. Give up crisps (chips)
    7. Observe the sabbath in a special way every Saturday!
    8. Preach in words
    9. Read more books for fun
    10.Start speaking Swedish
    Be more transparent
    11.Get back into some kind of shape
    12.Allow myself to fail a little bit

    How does that sound.

    Oh and Mindy, I will be round for that cuppa. Maybe 2007?? - God please put a hand on my finances. (Just wrote fiances ... maybe that's prophetic for you sweetfriend!!)

  3. grrr fail a little bit :)

    8 should be preach not only in words (but you knew that right???)


  4. I'm glad you're feeling better today. I like your twelve "things" idea.

  5. Okay, here goes:

    MB's Twelve Things to Do In 2006:

    1 Exercise regularly (15 minutes a day if not more!)
    2 Read Bible each day & Evening Prayer each night before bed
    3 Listen to God every day
    4 Eat moderately
    5 15 minutes’ desk time at home each day
    6 Propose a conference session
    7 Take calcium every day & sit up straight
    8 Work on Spanish at least once a week
    9 Work on home clutter (to remove it!)
    10 Practice active, reflective listening with Mr. Teenager
    11 Get the taxes done
    12 Get the HUB certificate done

    I'm posting this beside my desk (at home). :)

  6. I'm glad things are better today. I don't have any resolutions yet, but the list will be pared down to just a few very realistic things this year.

  7. I will work on my list and get back to you!

  8. OK, here's my list:
    1. Ask God to clarify for me what he wants me to do this very day.
    2. Do what God prompts me to do.

    Those two are demanding enough. I don't think I have the energy, wisdom, or foresight for ten more. I mean, if God prompts me to plan more for the future, I will try to do it, but otherwise James 4:13-17 kicks in.

  9. Hey - I sent out a little prayer for you as we drove through your city yesterday on the way home from Amarillo! Glad you are feeling better today.
    I like your list - one thing a month makes it seem so much more doable!

  10. Jaybee11:34 AM

    Have you tried using your hair dryer to unfreeze your car door lock?


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