Thankfulness Somemore

1. Christmas socks

2. The cold weather

3. A co-worker that tells me that she loves me.

4. Being entrusted to keep a big secret.

5. A daughter that has my back ~laffin.....remember BG....connection~

6. Getting mail.

7. Treasures

8. Many gifts under the tree but few presents.

9. Toile

10. A friend who calls after she opens her gift from me telling me that she loves it and loves how I always by her something that is *her*.

11. Coupons.....damn I love coupons.

12. Clown free zones.

13. A son who says *Don't look* when he knows a damned Burger King commercial is coming on. Have you seen the new one that is a take on King Kong?? ~shivers~

14. Site meters....I love knowing that someone is looking at this or actually reading it.

15. Family coming to get me for the holidays so I do not have to spend money on gas.

Okay....your turn!! Speak to me!!


  1. Yay for clown-free zones!

  2. I'm grateful for online shopping--everything has been delivered and is now wrapped and ready to go. Yeah!

    I'm grateful that Portia and Babs will be home for a couple of weeks.

    I'm grateful that my wonderful sister-in-law suggested that we NOT try to put on our usual ginormous Christmas Day dinner for a cast of thousands and instead make a big brunch and tell people just to keep on snacking. Hooray!!!

    And I'm grateful for the second season of my guilty pleasure, " Project Runway" which airs a new episode tonight. It's SO bad it's good.

  3. Thankful for items which I have ordered, and about which I have forgotten, that come in the mail!

    Whee! What a great feeling to have a package!

    and that there were two new books for ME in the package, and one for Brandon: the complete Chronicles of Narnia. :)

  4. I am just greatful to be so blessed to have you in my life. I truly LOVE YOU!

  5. I thought of you and your "thankful lists" this past Sunday. It's been a tough year and I've had a hard time being grateful lately, but this last Sunday at the rather large church I have been visiting, they had an old-fashioned Southern style gospel quartet that did a peppy gospel song with the choir and I enjoyed it so much and I was grateful that that church did not deem themselves too sophisticated to have a little taste of gospel music in their service.

    I know some see it as cheesy music, but it lifts my spirits everytime I hear it.

    So, thanks for making me look for something to be grateful for by setting an example on your blog.

  6. lots of us read you Mindy :)

    clown-free??? is this cultural or am I just missing the point

    thankful here for a lot
    *grocery shopping done
    *most of school essays marked
    *beautiful cold winter day outside, I mean strikingly beautiful. This year the shortest day is marvellous
    *our pastor
    *my ongoing healing

    and a little anxious. I'm waiting for a parcel in the post. Let it come tomorrow, let it come tomorrow,
    I've still to clean the house (on Friday)

    hugs to you my dear friend. 2005 was a good year as my life bumped into yours :)

  7. I'm thankfull for movies, games and lots of people to play with. I'm thankful that I'm pretty much done with shopping and that my family has Christmas on New Year's which gives me another week to get things done.

    I'm thankful for cokes. And that tin of assorted nuts that the software contractor sends the office each year. I think I'll go indulge in it right now!!

  8. Fidget9:07 AM

    I'm thankful for friends that understand pain at Christmas, who share their family and offer comfort and love without thought of receiving and who send you links to sites like because they know it will make you smile when there's not a lot to smile about. I'm also thankful for long distance friends who embrace you with love and understanding and make you see the world as a better place. Thank you, Princess.

  9. Um...

    Ok. I'm not usually the type to air personal business in public settings, but I thought perhaps your e-friends might be of help and support in your time of loss.

    What loss, you ask? Well. Um. One of your fish has demised himself in your office aquarium, while you have been gone. We questioned the other fish thoroughly and although he remains a suspect, we have no evidence of foul play at this time.

    The main reason I felt the need to burden your holiday break with this information is that when we tried to perform funerary duties as we saw fit (I had a lovely eulogy prepared and Rose was going to sing. ChevyPickup was going to officiate over the eucharist.) we couldn't find the net.

    So, do you have any suggestions on how we should remove the body? (Rose suggested a steak fork or tongs. Luckily we don't access to either of those implements either.)

    By the way, Rose is adamant that although she did, in fact, discover the remains, she is not a suspect. ChevyPickup is trying fingerprint Rose and things are starting to get a bit ugly.

  10. Oh! Never mind! ChevyPickup just found a ladle!


  11. Well, of course, I am grateful for you, Mindy. And I have to say that we really missed you at the Sunday school party. Great food and sweet entertainment (the "a capella" high school choir). You could have brought Bebo. Have fun this weekend.

  12. You got a good son, there.

  13. Anonymous5:49 PM

    The fish has died? Oh dear me. We had one pass sometime during the huricane and unfortunately, it was some time before we discovered his little puffed up carcass floating in the murky water. We had no running water at the time so we could not flush him away. We had to spread his remains in a far corner of our yard.

  14. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Who knows? Maybe Mindy's fish and mine will meet up in fishy heaven.

  15. *sniff sniff* makes me feel better knowing there was someone there to greet him.

  16. I am doing the finger thing MG...we got the connection.


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