Today is going to be a great day. I have no reason to actually I believe other than I woke up with that feeling in my heart. I am looking forward to this day. Christmas is in the air and life is sweet. That does not mean that there are no wants or needs, but there is a sweetness that floats through everything. It is the little things. The older I get them more and more that I realize it truly is the little things.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Colder weather with a chance of snow coming up this weekend.

2. School almost being out for the holidays.

3. A daughter who ended up with wonderful grades over finals when she was so worried.

4. A son who has still not cut his hair because he likes it that way.

5. New bras. 4 of them!!!

6. The Christmas presents already wrapped and under the tree.

7. Learning and mastering a new recipe. I made Marshmallows!! much fun! Want the recipe??

8. An appointment for a hair cut. Why is it that, looking forward to getting a haircut is almost as wonderful as getting the hair cut itself?

9. Lorna's post about Christmas. *The manger and the cross and the rolled away stone: together they are the true miracle of Christmas.* That sentence has stayed with me and gave me a new way to look at it all.

10. My black zip up boots that I have on my feet as we speak! And under them, my favorite pink socks with cats on them.

11. Having great Christian friends IRL and on the net that can laugh at my screwed up Christmas greeting and get a kick out of it. Being able to poke fun at myself and use the word *HO* and everyone getting it cause we do not have sticks stuck up our hineys.

12. Lotion from Bath and Body Works.

13. Getting to go to our County Court. There is just no place like it in the world. ~laffin~

14. Finding a new cookbook that I wanted at Goodwill and getting it for $ .75 when you just looked at it at Hastings for $16.00.

15. Christmas socks

16. Sonic Ice

17. Jingle bells on antlers.

18. Getting up and realizing that I will not have to wash and dry my hair today so I can sleep for a bit longer!!

19. Having this coming weekend all to myself.

20. Sticky notes so that I can amass all of these list so I can get stuff done.

21. Sharpies....again.

Okay, give it a try. Name something today that you are thankful for!!


  1. Marshmallow recipe? You are durn Martha Stewart blogger! Sure! We want the recipe!
    I love Sonic ice, too.
    What a great list and thanks for sharing it.

  2. Yes, we want the recipe.
    And I'm thankful for YOU--up at 4:30 in the morning to write this uplifting post!

  3. As always thankful for you.

    In addition, thankful for an office administrator who will pick me up to go to church this afternoon, and her spouse who will take me home after our Session meeting tonight.

    We are predicted to get about 7 inches of snow/ice today, and my little car just won't get me home tonight, but their 4WD will!

  4. Sonic ice does rule all.

    And homemade marshmallows? Why would you do that when God gave us Jet-Puft? :-D

    Well, C and I just made lollipops and stirring spoons with the Wilton's Candy Melts... that would be Crafts for the Lazy.

  5. I'm with you on this one, Reverendmother. I didn't even know it was possible to "make" marshmallows. (nasty little things, anyway!) I do have to admit the pinch I ate of one of Mindy's was way better than store bought.

  6. Sharpies are very gratitude worthy

  7. Four new bras at once?!! Oh, I am envious. My mom got her hair cut the other day and told me that having a hair cut is like having meat out for supper....with both you are set for the day.

  8. Oh my...Hope you are so correct! And I did not leave anything out for supper....

  9. Great list Mindy!

    But, what's a Sonic ice?

  10. Sue, Sonic is a fast food place here. They have car hops. They have the best soft ice here that is just great for eatting. I always buy a bag of ice there and keep it in my freezer. ~grins~ That is how much I like it.

  11. Alas, I just did a google, and wouldn't you know that there are a handful of states that do not have the wonder that is Sonic ice?

    Guess who lives in one?

    Yeah...that would be me.


  12. Glad to know there is at least one kind of ice you don't have to content with Revmom! ha ha!

  13. er did I ask already but what are sharpies?

    Mindy I'd awestruck that that little sentence has fed you.

    I'm thankful

    1. that my Swedish exam is history. I could answer a lot. Ithink I passed!

    2. I went our for a drink with a few of the class mates after and invited a friend whose not having it so easy. It was good to see him laugh and smile again.

    3.We will go out to a restaurant /bar to have supper tomorrow night. To celebrate hubby's birthday.

    4. We won a Christmas ham. It was exciting to get the phone call. It really helps with our budget.

    5. I got our seminary schedule. I wasn't happy and sent an email. They noticed there was a mistake so we'll also have a course on missiology! Praise God I had the courage to complain though I almost didn't!

    6.Tomorrow is last full day of teaching. We have school still next Friday -but will be in church with the whole school and give our reports. So last day of real lessons for me tomorrow. Yippee - it's been a long term since August 15th.

    I'd like some new underwear .. but I'm grateful for the old bras Ive got. They still do their job :)

    be blessed and blessed and blessed
    I'm on a high after Swedish! Can you tell?

  14. What a great list. Oh you made MARSHMALLOWS! That is crafty and delicious.

  15. I would love the recipe and I also love Sonic Ice and my black zip up boots but not all my presents are wrapped and under the tree but thats okay! Who doesn't love Sonic ice?

  16. You made your own marshmallows??? You are a domestic goddess!

    Sharpies are definitely worthy of thanks.

    What am I thankful for?
    a husband who doesn't hate cooking

  17. OK, I am just thankful that I can read your list without getting stuck on the "4 bras" part. Really. Errrrm, well, yes, I am thankful that I work for an institution that gives us TWO WEEKS off during the holidays.


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