And so what about today....

Tis Wednesday and it has been a good day around here. It is feeling more like Christmas to me. So, today, what is it that I am thankful for??

1) The cold...I am loving it. I just wish that it would rain or snow. We are in the middle of a drought. The weatherman says that it is too dry to snow. ~blech~

2) Christmas lights.

3) My daughter who calls me so excited to tell me what she won on the radio. Like mother like daughter.

4) My son who has started saying at the oddest times in a french accent *Ha ha silly little pickle* CRACKS ME UP EVERY TIME HE DOES IT!! (it is a line from one of the Veggie Tales videos).

5) My new sewing machine! I am teaching myself to sew. Anyone want to see my first apron?

6) A car with a heater.

7) Hot peppermint tea.

8) Clean panties. Ya'll laugh at me every time that is on my list but I am really thankful for them. That is one of the weird thoughts that has gone through my head so many times since the awful it must be to not even have one pair of clean undies. We take very simple things for granted.

9) Electric blankets.

10) Mail.

11) Caller ID

12) Salvation army bell ringers...that just SOUNDS like Christmas to me.

13) Rach's Christmas cards.

Okay, so tell me one little thing that you are thankful for today!!


  1. Snow Days! We didn't have to go to school today, so we put up the Christmas tree!

  2. We're having a snow half-day today, in Denton, Texas! :) An ice day, really. That's thankful. And I'm thankful for Mindy.

  3. I'll give ya two:
    1. You, Mindy.
    2. It's too ficken'fracken' cold to snow here. (Oh, that didn't sound like thankfulness, did it?) How can I be glad about -2 degrees? At least it ain't snowing.

  4. This is a great post, and I never got around to saying how much I liked your Walmart post too. (I read blogs via bloglines now and I don't always make it over to comment).

  5. I want to see the apron!

  6. Now, sewing is an art that escapes me. I'd love to see the apron. Here's a thought--you can sew underwear so you never run out.

    And I wanted to tell you, I got David's magnet!! WOO HOO!!

  7. you :)

    my other friends! (you know who you are)

    advent (this season is wonderful)

    got my essays marked for school
    (new projects arrive tomorrow and one small test, when graded the results in the book for the reports and I*m done! only one more teaching Friday left after tomorrow)

    carol service coming up -all done

    my exchange students. we go out for a simple meal tomorrow. They leave Saturday :( I'm thankful for their friendship and all they've shared and taught me!

    that we don't have snow days. The kids go whatever the weather. always ! teachers too! lol

    and there's more but now I'm off to Study that pqoiwrqpoirn qweoir Swedish and bake a CHOCOLATE CAKE


  8. Hmm...

    I'm thankful for the weekend. And fireplaces. And nifty, warm, guy's jammy pants. (The girls versions aren't long enough. Plus they're sorta girlie. My favorite guy's pair has spark plugs on 'em. ((Nothing Fruedian there??))

  9. Ooh. Yes. Clean knickers. Definately great. I hate it when you've run out & are really desparate, and have to wear yesterday's ones. Yuck.

  10. One irreplaceable wife.
    Two splendid sons.
    Threescore years of life (well, nearly).

  11. Fidget8:51 PM

    I'm thankful for a warm home, hot running water and a comfortable bed with soft pillows.


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