You can either be lonely and keep your horns and tail or live in town and be vandalized....take your pick. Cowtography lives out at the Ollie Liner Center and is really outside of town. That is why is he is in this great shape! Yet, he does not get many visitors at all. He is one of the more unexciting cows. However, I love his build. I love how he has all four hooves planted squarely in order to carry out his mission on his stocky frame. If there is ever a movie made about our cows, Michael Clark Duncan will play Cowtography.


  1. I hope he's not too lonely. I'll try to wave when I drive past.

  2. erm why is the world map on his rear end? And where does that put Finland???


  3. I think he's cute--but I'm a tad freaked out about the eyes.


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