Hurry before the postage rates go up!!

Okay! Here we go. We ended up with 17 signed up for the magnet swap. I think that is just great! I will be emailing you with the address information tonight or tomorrow. Rules are simple: nothing less than 1 magnet. It can be made or it can be purchased. If you want to send more than 1 magnet then go for it! Send what ever you can stuff into your envelope ( I am sure that cash will certainly be appreciated this time of the year!) but ya have to include your one magnet! Also, it was suggested that you stop and take the time to include a little note that tells a bit about yourself. We have people that are new to these parts and even someone my craftster friends!!

Here is how the pairing went:

David <-----------------> Running 2K's

QG <-----------------------> AX

Rach <---------------------> Songbird

Judy <-------------> 2nd Grade Teacher

Baby Gator <-----------> Mary Beth

Lorna <-----------> Cheesehead

Allison <-----------------> St. Cass

Yankee Transplant <--------------> Friday Mom

Sorry that the arrows up there are not all perfect but I had a fun time making them ~grins~


  1. Goodie! Can't wait to get Baby
    Gator's address.

    I bought a Texas Bluebonnet magnet in the airport this a.m. with this in mind....hmmm, maybe she has already seen such thangs?

    I'll see what Miami has to offer!

    :) Mary Beth

  2. Oh Mary Beth, I do not have a blue bonnet magnet. I am looking forward to it. I don't know what I am going to get you yet, is there anything inparticular that you like?

  3. I'm poking around QG's blog now getting ideas...

  4. Mindy where's your name? grrr

  5. ssshhh Lorna....

    I had to have an even amount of people for the swap to work sweetie...and there were 17 of us....

  6. got mine out yesterday!


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