Tiny October Treasure

Okay, November is here so I can stop whining about October. Actually, October had some wonderful highlights.

One of the many things that I have loved about blogging is getting to know people through their blogs. It is interesting to see glimpses of peoples personal lives opened up like chapters of a book. I think that is why we miss some bloggers when they take a break. It is like waiting for the next Harry Potter book to come out. Blogging or reading blogs has come a part time obsession for me.

Another of my obsessions is www.craftster.org. OMG....I am so addicted to swaps and getting things in the mail! I have had really good luck with all of my swaps. The last swap I was involved in was a *Tiny Thing Swap*. We were each paired with a person and we had to make one tiny thing for that person and you would receive a tiny thing in return. You could ONLY send one tiny thing. My partner cheated. I received a tiny thing and also, a friendship. Her name on craftster is Fidget and she lives in Tennessee. I feel as though I have known her for ages....but would not recognize her on the street. She made for me a tiny frog pillow. I do mean TINY!! Here it is....

This beautiful little thing is just 2 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. She described it better in one of the post: Fidget "This 2.5" square pillow was created for Princessandthebead for the Tiny Treasure swap. The center design is 1" square, stitched on ivory wool felt with DMC cotton and metallic floss using satin and outline stitches. The cording was created using DMC floss also. The idea for the frog came from a stain glass pattern at http://chantalstainedglass.50megs.com/2retf.html". A very tiny precious treasure. I was amazed with the skill that it took to make this little pillow. And then, I was told something else. Look at it closely and what do you see? I bet you missed it too! She now only made the pillow....she embroidered the entire little frog and the tiny little frame around him! Can you imagine?? Is it not just perfect?

I have a new tiny treasure created by someone that I would deem an artist....not just a crafter.

And I have a new kinship with someone that I would deem a friend...not just a swapper.


  1. Very cool!

    The work on this is just amazing. Fidget must be a really neat person.

  2. Fidget8:15 AM

    Thank you, Princess!! I've never been blogged before.

    This will go down as my favorite swap since so many good things came from it - including a friendship I'll treasure.

    Be sure to toot your own horn and show those beautiful earrings you made for me!

  3. That is so sweet! What a talented new friend you have!!

  4. good you've stopped complaining about October, because I'm about to complain and complain some more about november. It's ghastly here. Around 6C (that's prob 40F at most) wet, dark, nasty , grey

    now send some sunshine our way please :) off to read your blog proper now I got the rant out of the way!!

  5. Oh, that is just exquisite! I'm in awe of the beautiful, tiny detail. Lucky you to have found such an awesome new friend.

  6. That pillow is absolutely amazing; so incredibly beautiful. Fidget truly IS an artist. I'm enjoying November so far, too, Min - the leaves have all turned now. Aaaahhh, and the crispy weather... Aaahhhh. Nice nice. xo

  7. The pillow is just amazing. I love the frog! Makes me squint just to think about working on it.

  8. That is gorgeous. So intricate. I can see that only a truly kind and loving person could make such a thing.


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