Thanksgiving 2005

I am getting ready to leave to be with my family. I thank you all for the comments that you left on my post about Thanksgiving 1992. Polar Bear wrote a post on her old blog about the Best Worst Thing that had ever happened to you. That is when I decided to tackle my story. I am who I am now due to the Best Worst Thing that ever happened to me and I am forever thankful. However, I would have never chosen that path.

This Thanksgiving is a life time away from that Thanksgiving. Who I am now is not who I was then. However, I still grieve for that woman and her little family even now. I cannot tell her story all at once but in bits and odd pieces. Thank you for allowing me to start the story beginning with BeBo's birth and bear with my while I visit her here every once in awhile.

This Thanksgiving I am so very grateful for:

My children who I have drug along with me on this odd little journey and the knowledge that they love and trust me and would follow me to the ends of the earth.

My loving and faithful family who loves me regardless and is always in my corner.

The relish tray sitting in the fridge waiting to travel with me. (Hey frog, no pickled herring here....just pickled okra, sweet baby gerkins, olives and sweet cherry peppers)

Beautiful sunny weather that has allowed the farmers to bring in their wonder harvest despite the fact that it is too warm and sunny to feel like Thanksgiving to me.

My wonderful set of internet friends who I might never recognize if we were face to face in Target.....But whose hearts I would recognize anywhere.

A warm comfy bed.

Clean panties that I have already packed. Folded right side out for ease in putting on. ~laffin~

Money in the bank.

Gas in the car.

My Bible, Sunday School Class, Church Family and Christian friends who do not always believe like I do but accept me.

The net that has connected me with people who have changed my views, my days and have greatly enriched my life.

Waitresses who have to work this day but who will put a smile on their faces and will do their damndest to minister to the heart of loneliness.

My health.

Friends from other countries that do not have a Thanksgiving day today but I know will celebrate with us also

A job that I love and adore.

A God of 2nd, 64th and even 2,000th chances whose love overrides everything else.

The popcorn lady from my post *When I am Old Come to Life* that just made the entire season last year. I hope that she is well today and surrounded by loved ones and gets to go to the movies again today. I also hopes that someone will buy her the biggest thing of popcorn to be had and that she does not have to share it unless she chooses to do so.

I hope for each of you a wonderful meal with loved ones and a day filled with hope and renewal.

And today, what little things are you thankful for?


  1. you :)

    happy thanksgiving dear friend and sister

  2. I wrote about some of mine earlier, but here's another:
    I am thankful for you, Mindy, and the swaps you have organized. In a world full of anger and sorrow, these small gestures have become large ones.
    Have a wonderful day (and forgive me for the big laugh I had over your inside-out panties!).

  3. Oh Lorna, I am thankful for you too. You are a sweet sweet friend who, when I email me you to pray, I have no doubt that you do so.

    Songbird, thank you so much! I never thought about our little swaps in that way. Thank you for saying that.

  4. I love your Thankful list. Since I do this weekly (it is such a great way to remind you), this week I focused on the fact that Son of a Sailor gave me the day off last weekend. And my kids. And I am giddily thankful for good food :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh yes, and I was very thankful for you and your holiday activity--I thanked you in my post ;)

  6. What a great list! I'm thankful, too, for you and the other "virtual" friends I've made in these few months I've been blogging.

  7. I'm thankful that you let me be in the cool kids' swap. : )
    Today I'm thankful for snow shovels, snow brushes, and snow tires! And I'm thankful I don't have to leave town. We have 2-3 feet forcasted (of snow).

  8. I love your list, and I am so glad you are far away from that other Thanksgiving. And I loved the story about the popcorn lady. Old people with spunk are just so cool!

  9. Late to the party, but with tons to be thankfull for. Hope you had a great thanksgiving. I notice you failed to ask for my sizes and favorite colors before leaving on your shopping trip. Hmm...

  10. There are way too many thankables to list, but one pertinent to this occasion is that of finding out about blogs. I have come across such intriguing people and ideas (and some laff-yer-butt-off stories) in the last six months. Thanks, Mindy, for continuing to post engaging narratives, entertaining photos, and thoughtful projects.

  11. Amen to clean underwear and all the rest!


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