The New Kid In Town.....

I want you to meet the new kid in town! His name is Mac and he came to me from Canada. All of you know that I have a craft addiction. I am in love with the whole craftster web site and with swaps in general. Well, one day I was just looking through craftster, minding my own business~hey, you...YES YOU THERE...stop rolling my could happen~ When I came across a profile that had a blog tag on the bottom. Curious me....had to click on it and boy am I every so glad that I did! In doing so, I met AX174. She is a new one to our swaps here at the Kingdom! Ya'll are going to love her! pppsssttt....I have already had to priviledge of seeing the magnets that she made and they are terrific! Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. There he was in living color. The cutest little blue and white plaid pup that you have ever laid your eyes on! But AX, did not have her comments on and well, you know me, when I have something to say I will find a way to say it. I emailed her and told her that he was adorable and that she really ought to turn on her comments so that people could tell her what awesome things that she makes. Lo and behold...she packages up the pup and mails him to me! She also mailed me the instructions on how to make him a brother or a sister. So far, he is an only pup around my house. She also sent me wonderful chocolate. How come chocolate from other countries is always so much better than ours?? So, now here is Mac. A Canadian relocated to Texas and I just love him. And I think he is happy that it is so much warmer here than there. You can click on her blog and see snow and well, dammit, it is in the 70's here today . ~sighsn~

I say all of this to actually say once again, I am in awe of the friendship and bonds that I have made with all of these wonderful people out in this big old world. Makes it just a bit smaller each and every day.

And Mac says *ARF*


  1. awe he is SO gorgeous

  2. He's a pip!

    I have a RL friend who is jealous of my Net friends. She just doesn't get it!

  3. Cute pup! I'm sure he's going to love being a Texan.

  4. Fidget6:38 PM

    Mac is the cutest blue plaid dog ever! A day will come when he has lots of brother and sisters, betcha betcha!

    Princess, if you [ahem] decide you want to [digs toe in the dirt] er, share (sly glance) that cute puppy pattern with someone I'd be happy to [ahem] be your beta test site. [bats eyelashes while smiling sweetly]

  5. Fidget, I HATE craftster being down!! Email me at: if you want.

    And I will happily share Mac's pattern! ~laffin~ I am sure you will have whipped 74 up before I get 1 finished!

  6. Oh, thanks for posting about me! I'm glad Mac arrived in a not-too-flat shape - the post office guy put the package in a pile, and then someone else promptly placed a big box on top of it. I could hear the air being squeezed out in a wheezy puff. Fidget, when you make your pups, we demand pictures!

  7. Fidget10:50 AM

    Yes, ma'am, Ms. Ax! I'll be happy to share pictures of the freshly sewn litter when it happens. ;)

    How big is that rascal, anyway?

  8. Mac is super cool Mom, but I think you are forgeting about another pup aren't you??????? I do believe that you are.

  9. Fidget asked: How big is that rascal, anyway?

    Here he is in my hand (my hand is 6.5 inches, an average length for an adult woman, I think).

  10. fidget7:51 AM

    Thank you, ax174! The picture of the pup standing on the knit donut (Stand back! My donut!,) had me laughing out loud. What an adorable picture!!

  11. Mindy I got a BLUE BONNET magnet from Mary Beth yesterday and she wasn't even my magnet swap partner.

    :) thank you for organising it

    and Mary Beth - ofcourse RL friends are jealous of your net friends :) - grin

  12. If you click Ax's link you will see Mac the first time I laid eyes on him!! I have him sitting by my sewing machine. He is my patron saint of beginning sewing.


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