~singing~ She works hard for the money....

Actually I guess the song should be sung as *She works hard for the magnets....* Okay, this is me working hard at getting you people paired up! I have sent out emails detailing your partners and the addresses. Rules are simple:

You have a bit over 2 weeks to mail out.

Mail out date is no later than: December 3rd

You must send one magnet.

The magnet can be made or bought.

You need to send a note telling a little about yourself. We have widened our circle (and I think that is GREAT) and have people playing that have not swapped with us before.

Let me know when you send out and when you receive.

You may send more then one magnet if you wish. Heck, you can send out anything that you want....just be sure to include the one magnet.

Please do not give out your partners address to anyone else. People do try to protect their privacy and we need to honor that.

If it is possible, I really would like to see the magnets that you received posted.


  1. This is so much fun...I got right on it :)

  2. Can I just tell you I love you?

  3. ~applaudes~ You go 2K's! You have always seemed like a person who would take care of business!

    And ~grins~ I love ya too YT.

  4. I just kind of vaguely like you.

  5. ~rolling of the eyes over here~ And I just kinda tolerate you Rach.

  6. And can I just say that this is a MUCH nicer picture than before.

  7. If I may interupt the strange mutual admiration between Mindy and Rach....

    Thanks! I'll get on it this weekend.

  8. I'll probably do it at the last possible moment...

  9. Since mine has to swim across the Big Pond, I'm going to get right on it!

  10. I told R2Ks that it would be after Thanksgiving. Hey, maybe I can find something cool in New Mexico!


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