Return Visit to the Library

This is Mooey. He lives at the library with Dairy Potter. He was actually there before Dairy and helped the little calf adjust. Mooey is covered with a quilt made by our local quilters. It has each group of the dewey decimal system depicted on it....with cows. Mooey was so large when he was completed that they could not get him into the library! They had to cut the metal supports in the middle of their double doors so that he could mozey on in. They then welded the metal supports back together. Then there was talk of him being sold. That really upset the library and they raised the funds to buy Mooey. He was very happy because he is one of only two of the cattle that live indoors! Here is his bill of sale....


  1. I wonder how long it's going to take the librarians to want to cut Mooey up for steaks, because kids keep climbing on him... I give them three days. I've worked in a library; I know. Librarians hate kids. (Just kidding! Kind of.) xo

  2. Mooey is wonderful! I also love his quilt.

  3. especially the quilt and the love that went into making it :)

    tx Mindy. have a good weekend, you hear?

  4. I like Mooey. He seems sweet. ~laughs~ Like there's ever those cows that look like bing-o-meany heads. lol.

  5. Mindy - All your other readers are so sweet I'm wondering how you EVER got hooked up with me. Maybe it was my joke about the boob bandaids. =o)


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