SSDL (same stuff different life....)

Quiz Me
Mindy was
a Talkative Monkey Trainer
in a past life.

I guess I have always had the same job......


  1. You and me both!!!! Love ya Sis!!!

  2. I guess some things are destine to stay the same huh? I love you so much and your blog always makes me laugh. go train some moneys you ever get the feeling that when you are talking to your frobationers they look at you and here that teacher from Charlie Brown. You know the one that goes WHAWHAWHAWHAWHA. Just wondering.

  3. If I use the IRL name, I was a creative hairstylist. If I use my screen name, I was an educated poker player :)

  4. Does that mean you were a trainer of talkative monkeys, or a talkative person who trained monkeys? Please clarify.


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