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1) I am really ready for fall. I am a fall and spring kind of girl. But I will really miss going bare footed. I rarely have shoes on when I am at home. I will take off my shoes in a heart beat if you let me! I even go barefooted at work. I do have a pair of Princess houseshoes under my desk at work.

2) Did you know that Rach knows ALL of the words to the Underdog theme song? For reals...she just sang them for me....again...and even has hand motions to go with it.

3) Discussion of grandmother names were going around this morning. Rose has a new granddaughter. She is beautiful! The delima is that she is the step-grandmother so picking out her *grandmother* name has been a bit tricky. What was finally chose? Ya-Ya which is Greek for grandmother. We all liked it and pointed out that ya-ya will be very easy for the little one to say. What will my grandmother name be? Momdy. Baby Gator and a good friend of hers decided that is what the good friends children would call me and it has stuck. I really like it.

4) I really want to go if the Revgals ever hold a convention.

5) I hate it when my favorite bloggers go through a *rest* period. I keep refreshing their blogs to see if something will magically appear.

6) I am working on bracelets and earrings again during lunch times. I have missed doing that. ~sighs~ Still waiting on Reverend Mother to send me her beads so that we can make something out of them.

7) Be Bo got named as the 8th grade male represenative to the Student Council. He was so proud of himself!!

8) You do not realize how protective you are of your baby boy until you see his name on an 8th grade girls chest. All of the 8th grade girls picked a football player. Then they made the cutest shirts that read: *Boys name here* is my hero!! On the front and *Boys last name here* and number on the back. It is all done in school colors. Such a cute idea and the boys were just ticked over it. Then I actually see his name on emerging boobage. ~sighs~ I am getting old.

9) I already have a pumpkin on my front porch even though the temp is still in the 90's. Come on fall...hurry up!!

10) We are going camping this weekend!!

11) I do not think that gas will ever go below $2.25 again.

12) I am in the mood to bake bread. With butter....lots of real butter....

13) Just what in the heck is up with that HATCH? What is your guess?


  1. I really want to go if the Revgals ever hold a convention.

    me too, me too :)

    (PS here in Finland no-one wears shoes inside their home- usually just socks - but bare feet is ok too - you'd feel RIGHT at home and ho ho ho the word verification right now is toewoz how about that for fun!)

  2. Come on fall--I'll chant with you.

    At least you know your toesies will be painted under your shoesies.

    Aw, on the son's t-shirt deal. Man, that day seems so far away to me.

    Great thoughts!

  3. I grew up in CA and went barefooted so much that I developed hobbit feet, with about two inches of hard, calloused padding. Hairy toes, too. It's delightful to go without shoes. I'm with you about craving autumn, but I will seriously miss my flip-flops. =o)

  4. 1. I love the word "barefooted" rather than "barefoot." It is far superior.

    3. I love Momdy.

    4. Sign me up.

    6. I was just thinking the other day about your kind offer. Hmm... maybe I can send them this week (and I still owe you a CD).

    7 and 8. Go Be Bo! And oy ve on the chest-vertising.

    12. Bring it to the convention.

    13. Must... not... get... sucked in...

  5. convention... now Rev Mother mentions it too ... erm should I be applying for a visa to get into the USA again???


    as for autumn - it's truely here in Finland this week. More pics soon :)

    oh Mindy - got all excited as there was a parcel waiting at the PO. only it wasn't from you. It was yet another replacement of the book from christianbook.com lol - I can soon start a library with multiple copies of only two books. (If they go bankrupt you'll know why. I hope i'm the only one they've compensated this way- when I contacted them they said not to return then (cost of postage etc) so I can be GENEROUS and give copes to the seminary library in tallinn, and also the theology faculty library here in Turku (Åbo Akademi) - as they've been so generous to give me a (free) visitors library card :)

    but still waiting. I'll let you know when my parcel arrives. :)

  6. "When criminals in this world appear, and break the laws that they should fear, the cry goes up from far and near..."

    Shall I go on? 'Cuz I can!

    Dang, Lorna! I hope you get your package from Mindy soon! You will LOVE it! I laugh every time I think about it!!

    I think you should have the convention at my house. The back yard is big and you can all pitch tents. I'd try to keep the price low on bathroom tokens.

  7. Rach I don't do tents, so I bags a bed near the bathroom. I can help with the tokens.

    oh wouldn't it be fun to all meet?

  8. NO FALL ~spits~ I don't like cold weather not one bit! And whats up with writting two things about Little Brother and not one about Baby Gator. And yes if I do ever had kids you will be called Momdy. Pooh has decided that Baby's B-day party will be on Friday Oct 7th, if you want to go. Me and B will be in attendance(sp?) No fall ~spit~ I like the more carefree days of summertime and long for the summers that I use to know. ~kicks the dirt and spit, but not on my shoe~ I don't like cold weather!

  9. They say a cold front is coming through here today...won't get over 85 tomorrow! That's a coldfront? Sheesh... I need to move north! I love fall, but it takes forever to arrive here.

    Totally ready for the convention. I'll sleep in a tent for that!

  10. Ah, if only my feet looked like that I would be barefooted too. Alas, I have short stumpy feet with the second two toes webbed together, so I look kind of like a frog person with no shoes! I am also waiting anxiously for fall to be in full swing- give me wooly sweaters over long straight skirts with ankle boots, or ELSE!

  11. At least it is your boy's name adorning the chest of some unknown little tramp, as opposed to having a little girl who will one day be asked to splash some boy's name across her chest. I wonder who the unfortunate little punk whose name is advertised on my daughter will be.

    And as for the hatch ... I'm not sure ABC knows what the significance is yet. Their writers just keep making things up from week to week.

  12. Okay - first of all your feet look beautiful and I love to walk barefoot too but my old feet aren't as sturdy as they used to be. Second...I hope your not talking about me not posting...you can refresh now. Third....congrats to your son. Since I also have an 8th grader we need to talk about these teenage boys...Fourth.... Today was our first fall like day- I LOVE IT!!!!
    Hope it was there, too! And last but not least - $2.25 for gas? Is your gas that cheap there?

  13. I swear I read this post before and never saw number 13.
    4 8 15 16 23 42
    4 8 15 16 23 42

    (We're obsessed.)


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