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Have you been seeing it in people's faces? Have you been reading about it in people's blogs? People are on edge. Tolerence is low and ranting is high. People are on edge. It is like the entire world is waiting for the other shoe to drop. People are tired. We watch the tv and we cry. We read about how our fellow bloggers have been effected by things and we cry or we worry. Things that have not irritated me before irritate me now. Stupid things.

Some of those kind of things have been going on over at Lorna's. I am ashamed to admit that I was pissed off by something that a commenter left on her blog. Someone that does know even know her. I was even madder about how it was done and why it was done. It was not done to patiently teach someone the way...it was done to poke at someone. Then Lorna responded in such a gracious wonderful way that I was stopped in my tracks. That made me stop and think. I can only speak for myself, but I write on my blog to record certain thoughts that I have, things that happen and how I sometimes see the world. I have really tried to avoid the politics and a lot of my personal life. However, I am working on some things that will touch on that. But my blog is written primarily for myself. Who ever jumps on the wagon and reads my stuff is appreciated and welcome. However, I do not blog to entertain the masses.....only myself. But I have come to realize that we, as bloggers who have readers, do have alot of responsibility to the people in ours lives. That includes the people in our lives that have skin on that we can touch daily with our fingers, as well as, people we touch daily with our words. People on the net tend to forget that written words can kill just like spoken ones. Also, just because a word is written in a pretty manner....does not make it true.

Lorna turned the other cheek. She did not once but many times. She did so with a smile. She reminded me today of what a Lady is and how she acts. I think she reminded alot of us that today. Any arguements would have been totally appropiate but would not have have changed anything...or any small mind. So Lorna took the high road.

The reminder was also put to good use today. After Rach received a phone call from a woman that has called before, she came stomping into my office. Her words were, *Damn that Lorna!! Because of her I was nice on the phone to that lady!* Rach had every right to be rude to that woman...she is a pain in the butt has has demonstrated that talent of hers more than once. But Rach took the high road.

Teacher here at the office does the same thing. I told her this morning that she is my Jiminy Cricket. I will be totally worked up about something and get ready to put on my kick ass boots and go take care of business. I am stomping around about something that I am totally in the right over and Teacher will says something along the lines of *Some people are just not raised like we were and will not learn unless we teach them.* SWOOSH is the noise of the winds leaving my sails when I know she is absolutely correct. We have a *Take the pebble from my hand grasshopper* kinda relationship. I am grateful that she is in my life and is willing to teach me by her words and her actions. Teacher takes the high road.

Gracious words and turning the other cheek are the new kick ass boots. I wonder if they will fit me?


  1. They will fit you fine. The high road is a great way to go. It's good for the soul and the digestive system-no heartburn, no knots in the stomach. You are the winner!
    I don't even know Lorna, and I love her already.

  2. Sis, I know they will fit you......BUT, don't look for the tall top boots, these will be the sandal style. :)

  3. Well, as someone who egged you on over at Lorna's place, I guess I have 'egg' on my face, too.

    BTW, you need to know that the little tidbits you leave over at my place are always lovely and "ladylike." I never feel as though you have left boot prints.

  4. You did not egg me on revmom. We all *get* one another so that was not a problem at all.

  5. Uncle Ootl has the right idea! Love the picture, Ootl.

  6. That Lorna, ruining things for the rest of us...=o) You know, people like her are the reason the world has even made it this far, without having been utterly destroyed by lightning bolts from heaven. Here's a hug from me, an invisible admirer, Lorna. May God bless you as you continue being his mouth, hands, and cheeks... And Mindy, anger moves us towards change, too. There are all kinds of ways to reform! Good heart, girl!

  7. The high road is a nicer one. In the end, the low road just leaves you dirty and walked on. Here here!

  8. Maybe those boots are really the up-the-calf tie sandals we called "Jesus stompers" in my youth!

    Thanks Mindy for all your prayers --we're still hunkering down in Houston this morning and I'm distracting myself reading my favorite blogs.

  9. QG, I sure wish that you had higher ground today!! Thank you for what you said....I view that as a compliment.

  10. oh Mindy I've only just seen this.

    (this is long. you might want to grab a cup of tea before you read!)

    If you lived with me you'd know that I struggle a lot with temper, reacting improperly, and over-reacting. If you don't believe me, just ask either of my kids, or ask my classes at school. ask eija.

    But God has been really really good to me this week - and I've been at peace. Even at school today - which was quite the opposite to a week ago!

    What you wrote on my blog about Rach -it just made me roar out laughing. I'm glad I was a good influence from afar. I am :)

    And then I read Rev Mom's comment here - and felt sad.Your comments and "threats" on my blog were funny. They really were and made me laugh. I could have chosen to respond to your funny comments (and they were funny and made me laugh and I think (Jason or was it Jacob ? -grin!)probably would have laughed too IF he has a sense of humour - but I realised that I wanted to make a stand for women pastors everywhere.

    Not one of us really knows how to interpret 1 Tim. Everyone of us wishes it wasn't there. I'm sure of that. But at the end of the day we all make a choice - do we run with God - or sit around twiddling our fingers and worrying about how to intepret our calling.

    I can't do that. To do that would be to bury my talents. And God will ask me - and all of us - why. Jacob's comments made me sad not mad, because I am afraid He might be missing the very calling on His life by being so uptight about this. But what can I do? Just agree to disagree - that's the best I can manage.

    Mindy, Rach, Rev Mummy, you all inspire me a lot. Rev Gals has been so good for me in so many ways. One of these days I'll visit you all - I promise - and you'll find out that I'm tiny, and can be very hot tempered at times. I'm not Mary Poppins and butter doesn't melt in my mouth - and for once, just once, I let God choose how I reacted.

    Don't make me into a hero because of it ... but please stay my friend(s)
    as for yankee transplant, kelly, I'm gladly nipping over to your blogs now to get to know you too.

    all of you be blessed. You are a blessing to me. Remember that!

    PS the ho hum at the beginning of the blog was a dead give away. My son says when I say that it means I'm thinking .. which way, which path. thinking is good, it actually gives God time to intervene. All it takes is a ho hum - and He's there.

    Wish I did it more often though.


  11. Sigh.

    I appreciated Lorna's response as well, because frankly, I don't have time or patience for it. Something for which I should probably repent, but not today. I'm writing two sermons and preparing to teach a Sunday School class--and all three of those gatherings have men in them!

    People can sit on their high horse and say "the scripture is crystal clear" but the fact is that they have their own rules for interpretation which are subject to the same biases as everyone else.

    Everyone interprets. Nobody knows the mind of God. Some of us acknowledge that openly, others will do it only when pressed to do so, if at all.

  12. Why oh why could I not resist leaving a one-liner over on Lorna's site just now?

    It is interesting to me. In almost two years of blogging I have never attracted one of these guys to my site. I wonder why that is.

    Maybe there's an advantage to having one's blog located off the dirt-road past the abandoned gas station.

  13. Its nearly noon - where's the cow? Its Friday and I came for a cow. Dang it!

  14. me too Rach -I wanted to see the cow- but it's finally wandered in.

    Reverend mother - thanks for stopping by my site. What you wrote here is very good - we are all biased. I know I am. What have I got to lose by at least being honest about that?

    hugs. don't let it get to you. I wish I could come to hear you preach Rev ... some day, some day :)

    Mindy the cow looks worn out and passed it. Oh and we don't have Wal Mart here. Not one ! lol

  15. Seems to me those boots are fitting you just fine already. Love you blog!


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