~So totally using her probation officer voice and pointing to the right hand side of the screen~ Copied this from Rach's blog. There is a new map on my know what to do with it! Go on! Hop to it! Even if you are not a regular reader. Especially if you are and are shy to comment!! Come on, make me a happy Princess today!


  1. Is it showing my first ocmment? This thing has been eating my comments!

  2. hi Happy Princess

    re butt kicking ... I was SO sure it would arrive on Tuesday and again today

    but no no no.

    grrrrrrr all that came were bills and more bills :(

    (baby gator - I can see you loud and clear - bright lights shining also in October)

    off to sign the map ... giggles and waves

  3. This is too cute. But I'm having trouble with it. I'll try again.

  4. Okay I figured it out. Why isn't there a Texas flag?

  5. I'm on there, but The Princess fussed at me for choosing the dog and not the Bird!

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    tried to post, but it didn't take

    not sure why, didn't get an error message or anything

    not complaining, just letting you know I tried

  7. Dammit!

    Try again Anonymous try again!!

  8. I didn't choose the dog it just happened. but she does look a bit like Mindy (our golden retriever not you Princess)


  9. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Anonymous here: I think it's my ISP. I tried it again last night but I'm getting all sorts of weird errors.

    Anyway, it's me-of-the-recycled-pup, and I live in Toronto, Canada (didn't want to use my name or handle because I'm at work right now. Damn those time stamps!).

  10. Okay, Okay, I did it!

    Don't have a (fiberglass) cow!

    Tee hee


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