October 27, 2005

It is still not November.

BeBo left the door on his side of the car ajar. Therefore, no battery juice this morning. We scrambled and both got rides.

What am I thankful for right this very minute?

1. That I do have a vehicle that runs (when juiced up), gets good gas mileage and can easily be charged up.

2. Friends that let you call them early and then come and pick you up.

3. A co-worker that goes out to get lunch each day and calls to see if you want something to eat. That will come in handy today.

4. A daughter that is working this area today so I can get that battery charged.

5. High speed internet.

6. A good job that I love coming to. A job where we can all laugh together and *get* one another.

7. People who will laugh with me.

8. Clean panties.

9. A beautiful morning.

10. My own desk and my own office that is just *me*.

11. Sharpies.

12. craftster.org


13. The Wal Mart brand of Dayquil which gives me a sweet little buzz.

14. My own booster cables.

15. And the smarts to use my own booster cables.

16. A running car!!!
So, what are you thankful for right this minute?


  1. I'm thankful that Mindy is back!

  2. Good question. I am thankful for kleenex and theraflu. And cokes from the Sonic. And Halloween.

  3. me too Rev Mom

    but what are sharpies?

  4. Lorna, you have not yet lived if you do not know the joy that is a sharpie. Go to this site:


  5. Me three Revmom. Also for candy corn.

  6. Welcome back. And LOL for number 8. My thanks are on my blog. It's Thursday! You have a great list :)

  7. A thermos of hot tea on a chilly day, sharp pencils, pants that are stretchy but don't look it, grandmas, and central heat (even if it is turned down to 64 degrees).

  8. What revmom said. And number 8. And that it's a quiet day here in the library and I can see what's going on in Mindy's Kingdom.

  9. 1. My good-looking pedicure that my sister in law hooked me up with last time I was there.

    2. The fact that the school I teach at won our first Homecoming game 42-21(our school is only 3 years old)

    3. My kiddos who fell asleep on the couch together watching a movie.

    4. Post-It flags...how did I peruse books for my classroom without them??

    5. Sharpies in fine point, regular point, and gi-normous size for posters. Someday I will treat myself to the "every-color-of-Sharpie-imaginable" multi pack.

    6. My favorite pair of pants that I found after trying on every pair of pants in the Central Texas area

    7. The ICE that comes in those cokes from the Sonic.

    8. My neighborhood Texaco,where I know everyone and they all know me, and they sing to me on my birthday.

    9. Finding my high school sweetie again after a few years (um, make that a couple of decades) apart

    10. The wonders of high-speed internet and computer Scrabble!

  10. And of course, good old Number 8 on Mindy's list. I especially like my Supergirl ones and wear them on days that seem tough

  11. That Dayquil does give a sweet buzz huh Mom Gator. I really liked this post. It was cool, so I did it too.

  12. Writer786:36 PM

    I'm thankful for guys who finally ask you out after you've quietly admired them for a long time! (I didn't think this ever happened outside of romance films!)

  13. I love him. He's adorable.


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