I Am A Follower Today...Not a Leader...

1. Mindy is devoted to the TV show, Mork and Mindy. (NOT!)

2. Mindy is an absolute explosion of talent and wit. (eeeww....I LIKE this one!!)

3. Mindy is a comic, actess, singer, and writer who performs and does freelancework.

4. Mindy is an artist from Jacksonville, FL who creates wonderful works of art by converting gourds into wonderful birds and fruit. (Sounds like something odd that I would do)

5. Mindy is just what the laugh doctor ordered!

6. Mindy is hottest little facial girl on the web. (ew la la!!)

7. Mindy is a country artist and songwriter whose innovative sound combines the styling of traditional artists as well as contemporary artists. (Stand back Garth!)

8. Mindy is not you average Girl Next Door! ( I have been trying to tell you this for years!)

9. Mindy is very simple, serial molecular dynamics program derived from NAMD.

10. Mindy is specialized in paintings of Weiner dogs. (I guess that gourds would work for this)

And did you know that there is a get rid of Mindy fund?!?!? I found this really disturbing!!

So, if you want to send me to another country, here is the link.


  1. I won't let them get ride of you my Mom Gator. P-dog and I shall protect you!

  2. Now why would anyone want to get rid of you?

  3. Now why would anyone want to get rid of me? I have no clue. We could just ask those 1,000 people who are now holding their hands up if they know?!?!?

  4. There are a lot of "art" answers on you meme. You must be a talented singer and artist and probably actor as well. Have you missed your true calling?

  5. I do love to craft. I CANNOT sing but love to. I do love acting. If I had gone to college right out of high school, I would have been a drama teacher.

  6. Not Mork? Say it aint so?!? LOL


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