New Swap *OR* Mindy Wants Something In The Mail Besides Bills

Ok Swap time! Everyone seems to be in agreement as to letting me organize another swap. *gee thanks people!*. We have decided to swap a paperback book. Rules are simple. You will send 1 paperback book to the partner that you are given. The book can be new or used. It can be one that you already have or one that you purchase. It just has to be a paperback. That means even a cookbook would be fair game if it is paperback. I will take sign-ups until Sunday August 14th. I will match you with one partner and you will send your paperback out no later than Thursday September 1st. ANYONE can participate!! You can send me your name (or what ever it is that you wish to be called) and address to You do not have to live in the US to play!! This swap should not be too expensive since the books can be mailed out media mail.

I do ask that you write something inside of the book before it is mailed out.

So come on people....I am ready for some mail already!!

I swear that your names and address are safe with me. Well, at least until November when I wil be beginning to need Christmas money.


  1. I'm in again! Then I can have something to use my beautiful bookmarks in!

  2. Sign me up! Do you need my info again?

  3. I guess I should have added that. If you were in the previous swap, I still have your addresses! No need to send them again.

  4. I can't wait! Count me in.

  5. And I promise not to send anyone "Running With Scissors."

  6. This is a lovely idea Mindy, but ... Finland is so far away and the postage would be too much for whoever you paired me up with :(

    be blessed ya'all as you choose books for friends, and then sit and read them.

  7. I suppose maybe Lorna and I could play together...?? I'm worrying a bit about the postage too, and indeed the timing as we're away for rather alot of the time between the 14th and 1st...but it would be really really fun to play. Oh, I don't know. Someone had better make up my mind for me...

  8. Hi KathrynI You sign up and I will find someone to pair you with. You only have to send out by 9/1/05. Your partner would know that it would take longer to receive your package. Don't worry!

  9. sounds like we're in Kathryn - and I suggested a recipe swap next time to keep costs low for us poor europeans lol

    esp here I hate it that the postage costs from amazon (US or UK) or are so high :( but it means we recycle books among friends a lot, and for that God I am so grateful.

    Our library has a good stock of English novels too, so I should complain less. God forgive me when I whine about this Amen :)

  10. Ooooh, I want to play too! Can it be a used paperback? Used, as in, I already read it?

    Will people tell what types of books they like?

  11. Yes it can be a used book halloweenlover. When I pair everyone up then the discussion can begin about what you would like to send or to receive.

  12. OK

    daughter and I enjoyed hunting for this together last Saturday. POs don't open in Finland on Sats, so the parcel's is now in the post and ahead of schedule, but posted from Estonia.

    Since I had to sort it out in a foreign language I have NO idea if its air mail or snail mail.

    Hoping it arrives and that it is enjoyed :)

    blessings and love,


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