I got up kinda cranky. I had decided when I went to bed around 2:30am that I was NOT getting up early to go. Gingerbean convinced me that I was. How can ya argue with a Corgi? You can't. They ALWAYS have to have the last word. Plus, this sweet girl is never cranky.
This was one of my happy finds! It is a really heavy mirror. I am going to clean it up and repaint it. Not sure what color just yet. I may distress it. It was marked $10 and I got it for $6.00. Crankiness began to lift.

Love my new little kitchen clock!!!! Cannot decide if it needs a little black detailing on it or not. What do you think? It works like a charm and it already had a battery in it. It is nice and heavy and appears to be a nice piece. Price paid?? $1.00. For reals!!!
I love crocks and pottery. This little piece is sweet...sweet...sweet. Especially for 50 cents.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this new frame! Cannot take it to the office because it is HEAVY and Rach will steal it!!! Perfect condition. Love the patina color detailing. I paid $1.00.
Love these two frames too. You will like them so much better when you see what I am going to do with them! They were $1.00 a piece.
This almost made me squeal!! The colors are even prettier than my pic. Bebo's lamp needed a new lamp shade. They are not exactly cheap. I found this lamp with real marble. It is also very heavy. There is a piece missing on the lower bottom left. HA! you did not even notice until I told you! It already had an energy saver light bulb in it that works. Plugged it in and it was good to go....for $3.00. I could not have bought a lamp shade for that.
But this....THIS is my bestest find I believe! I have been reading about it on all the mommy blogs. They are all the rage. It is a Vulli Cute little giraffe teether from Paris.

~Sophie the Giraffe's skinny, long neck is easy for little fingers to grasp and the little nubs feel sooo good on baby's tender gums. This lovable teether is designed to stimulate ALL 5 SENSES.~

It retails for around $20.00. $20.00 FOR A TEETHER!! I have been buying up baby things for the upcoming foster babies. I had checked on one at our local baby place and had decided that would not be something that I would be buying. I have read rave reviews about them but COME ON $20?!?!?!? I ended up at a garage sale that the owner of the baby place here was having. She says that this one's back label had a scuff and she could not sell it. I got it for $2.00.

~grins~ Go me!
I still have not found my bedside table but I am sure I will!

Would you like to see some of my garage sale make overs???
......wishes she was a professional thrift store/garage sale shopper


  1. I love the Pottery Crock and the Giraffe, or similar local items. Great Haul!

  2. Dang! This is COOL stuff.

  3. I would like that clock please! It is adorable..


  4. I don't know where you live, but your neighbors have some great swag! I do think the clock needs some other color on it. Just a highlight someplace? Also, your doggie is so cute! I would probably love a corgi. I feeling like writing about each thing here, but no space. I love the mirror best, and I like black furniture. You might want to try a faux finish on that? Make it look like marble. That could work. Also, did that say you lost 28 lbs, or did everyone together lose 28 lbs? That's a whooole lot!

  5. My mom said she was going to come and steal the clock in the middle of the night. HA! I may have to duct tape it to my leg during the night.

    Hi Meg! So far I have lose 28lbs since January.

  6. The clock and the teether are my favorites! If that clock mysteriously disappears then I do not know where it has gone too. I am just saying, and I should totally put up a blog about all my garage sale finds. Yeah yeah, I will get on that today.

  7. The clock! Love the clock!

  8. Wow, Mindy, you scored big time! I love that little clock...I'd leave it just like it is, but that's me! And that giraffe teether is very cute - who cares about a little's a teether!



  9. Great finds, Mindy. Yes, I too love the little clock. You might have a real find in your crock. Have fun putting your own touch on them!

  10. Anonymous4:37 PM

    and, I bet I bought that giraffe as a gift for a baby & they never used it! ugh!!! I have been giving Sophie for several years. #1 infant toy! Adelyn loved hers so much!!! Perfect size for sweet little hands and a great teether! You owe me 15.00. LOL ~ p

  11. Anonymous11:02 PM

    The mirror is my fave - gorgeous!!

  12. I should have gone with you but my bed held me hostage!


  13. I LOVE that clock!! I like it how it is, but it would probably be nice with some color, too. And the mirror is great, too! Great finds!

  14. well i'm glad gingerbean isn't using the giraffe... baileybean however might need it. he lost 6 teeth over the weekend... and promptly threw up yesterday.

    even so, i regret to inform you that bailey bean is not for sale. believe me... some days i think about it.

  15. I am loving that clock! Too cute!

  16. Another clock lover here...and the mirror...awesome! Congrats on losing 28 pounds! That's even more awesome! Have a great weekend! =)

  17. I LOVE garage sale makeovers! I'm glad I found you - I needed a plan for tomorrow :)


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