I got on the scale this am and tried to weigh. First I had to remove Diesel the black cat from the bathroom. He kept trying to hop on the scales with me. That is all that I need...extra cat weight. I lost 2lbs and that makes me happy!

I went to the store to get my groceries for the week. I get to the frozen section and think * I am going to get a small thing of ice cream to celebrate.*. Put it in my basket and keep pushing on. I like to mix plain vanilla with lots of cinnamon and refreeze it.

Then it hits me....I am buying BLUE BELL ICE CREAM to celebrate LOSING WEIGHT.
What in the world is wrong with me?!?!?!!?!

To make matters even worse......I was not even hungry for it.

**Word of warning...have you ever had Blue Bell Ice Cream? If not, please don't start. It is a gateway food. You will soon find yourself at the back of your closet with the door closed and spoon in hand hiding from your family so you do not have to share.

I am finding it hard to retrain my brain not to think of food as a reward or a friend.

I have never caught myself thinking *It has been a GREAT day and I am going to celebrate it with cabbage!*. In fact, if I did, I would know that I had completely lost my mind.

I remember when I was doing Weight Watchers, if I lost weight then I went to Chicken Express.

I am an instant gratification girl whose addiction can be satisfied by pulling into a drive thru. Because of that, I always have to stay on guard.
I have to keep working on refocusing and changing my habits and my THOUGHTS.

Why do I even feel the need to reward myself? Isn't getting healthier and losing weight reward enough?

How do you reward yourself?

.....has lost 108 sticks of butter


  1. Food too... I am working on it. I also shop. I like going to the thrift or second hand store and getting something a size too small to help me stay on track. I don't spend too much on it, but it's still a nice reminder.

  2. That is really true - we have always used food as reward. Hard habit to break. Maybe now you can buy a new Sharpie instead.

  3. Oh Mindy good thinking about the reward...but the thing I have to tell you is that I have a 7 year old black cat named DIESEL too! That to me was the best part of your story...sorry but I got really excited as I love my Diesel so much...he is big (20+) maybe they will have a win lose or blog for cats...lol...lol.

    Take care and I do not think they have that Blue Bell brand here in California, at least I have never seen it!

    Have a good week, congrats on the weight loss :)

  4. Mindy,
    I enjoyed this blog and I can see that you are doing so well. I think it is so cool how you caught yourself and had a moment of reality...of how we reward ourselves. You hit the nail on the head when you said..."Isn't getting healthier and losing weight reward enough?" It is such a great reward...

    I reward myself with training things. My Garmin 405, new triathlon top, new bike accessory, etc. it's a bit more expensive than a gallon of Blue Bell (and not near as tasty), but knowing I am working for them (while I save my pennies), is a great reward.

    Keep up the good work. By the way...that's lots of butter! CONGRATULATIONS!!


  5. That is a neat idea Jeannette!

    You may be on to something Rach!

    Joyce that is wild!! My Diesel is about 1 1/2 and is getting to be a big boy! He has chew through more cords than I care to talk about.

    Thank you so very much Jim. Thanks for your help!

  6. And I totally agree with what Rach said. And of you need something like that maybe you could try coconut milk ice cream which I got Lois hooked on among many others. Comes in oint size only, low glycemic low carb organic. I can't eat real ice cream. I digress. Point is here, you just lost two pounds, be content inside with the joy of knowing it can happen and you can do it and doing it only for yourself. WHat Jimmy said.... that's the reward. It's accomplishment. Enough said. I find not going down those aisles helps. Like staying away from the bakery and bread aisle also. ANd you save money. SO there you go!

  7. shoes, I buy shoes

    however, I may be replacing one addition with another!

    but thats okay, great jobs on the 2lbs!!!

  8. Aye I have never even heard of coconut milk ice cream....I would not know where to even start looking for it!

  9. Every time I see vanilla ice cream in the summer I imagine fresh juicy peaches all over it. Maybe if I just eat the peaches & leave the ice cream it will be ok. Or maybe I should just have the cabbage. Extra hot sauce.

  10. Mindy - if you live in a town where there is dust on the only box of couscous in the entire grocery store, you might not be able to find coconut milk ice cream in said grocery store.

    And YAY for you :) So proud of you. You are inspiring me!

  11. in with the ice cream, near the Hagen Dasz and Ben and Jerry's. Only comes in pint size. It made my Purely Decadent. That's THE best brand and it is dee-lish. And it's much better for you and I really think more satisfying that regular ice cream. Couple of spoons and you're good to go.
    I get the Vaniila Bean, it's the best and I'm not a Vanilla hound, but I gotta tell you, it's right up there with sex on the short list. :) Throw in a little John mayer and you're all set.
    Speaking of which, it's monday night and you need your dessert.

  12. Mindy I am so entertained by you!
    Way to go on stopping yourself from getting that ice cream.

    I also have that whole "reward with food" problem. I've decided to treat myself with a magazine or new book instead. I loooooove magazines and I really love books!

    I'm down 2 pounds this week too. We are twinners. How much should we shoot for this week? ;)

  13. I got a mental image of Blue Bell Cabbage Ice Cream Dijea. HA

  14. Mindy, I am so proud of you! I think maybe Rach has a good idea in rewarding yourself with some kind of art/craft supplies. Sometimes, especially when I go to exercise after having been away for too long, I just revel in the feeling of feeling virtuous for exercising!

  15. congrats on the 108 sticks of butter (you crack me up!). I always think *Ive had a crappy day, I DESERVE this (insert unhealthy crap-food here). Why???? Thanks for the great post.

  16. Congrats on the big OH-TWO! Excellent work! So proud of you, and I'm with Rach-every time you want a reward, go SHARPIE! Sharpie pen, Sharpie calligraphy, Sharpie keychain, cafe colors, extra fine point, HUGE, whatever.

  17. Yes, ice cream is a gateway drug. I love it. and I love you! Keep it up! You are inspiring me!!!


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