Are you a PostSecret fan? I am! If you are, the first thing you do when you get up on Sundays is log in and see all the new secrets. You hate it if Frank is running late. You keep refreshing until TA DA...there they are!I love this secret....it is so sweet!

That is how I feel about this site and Monday mornings! I was so excited to see how everyone did yesterday only to be disappointed to find that nothing was going to be updated. I won't lie to you,
I kinda felt cheated. Not because I think I came in first or anything. It's because I am working hard to make this a priority and to stop putting things off. It's just the second week! I don't even need it for the kudos as much as I need it for the accountability! I am doing well at this because I stopped hiding and announced to the world that I am fat and doing something about it. I felt like the hard work of the peeps that did send their weight in was pushed aside. I am not sure why the site was not updated with the stats of those that did weigh in. Please know that this is not about those that did not send their stats in.

Jillian Michaels would SO not say...it's a holiday so let's take it easy and pick it up next week.

My feelings were stung and I wanted to feel better. I wanted to turn to food because it has always made me feel better in the past....if only for a little bit. I turned to my peeps and sent out a note on facebook. My posse who loves and encourages me stepped up for me and kept me moving forwards instead of laying down and eating ice cream. They helped me to refocus and get my mojo back. They help me get past the feelings of not being important. They helped me take the feelings that I was having and work through them. Instead of eating I walked Gingerbean and did yoga. I got my clothes ready for the week. I also got my food ready.

You have already seen my lunch drawer so now let me introduce you to ................. MY HAPPY FULL FRIDGE!!

It's a new week and I say BRING IT ON!!!


..........is making her own big assed glittery star!


  1. That is a nice fridge. It's not only full of good stuff, but pretty. I think pretty is important when eating. I like my food to be twice as pretty as me. Arrange it on a nice 10 inch plate and it is a masterpiece. Eat it slow so you can enjoy the way it looks longer. Voila! All the stuff you need to diet and it was art as well.

  2. 1. Amen
    2. Could we add YOU to the prize package? Like, you coming over and organizing my house/fridge/food? :)

    Keep it going girl! :)

  3. I love your fridge!!!! Mine is similar and it works SO well to keep me out of trouble. And I wanted to thank you for the craft idea on your other post. I was stuck inside all day Sat and after I read your post I went to my craft room and avoided the fridge! Thank you for checking in and being accountable :)

  4. I wanna see what you created LindseyLu!

  5. LOL Steph I can totally come over. What's for supper? lol

  6. I love your fridge Mindy!
    It photographs well!!!! tell it I said so :)


  7. your fridge is inspiring me too! I love "Cade's food." LOL...I have to have my husband hide some foods from me...then he forgets where he put them.

  8. haha heres a post w/ pics of my weekend card creations (Im a beginner so....) http://lindseylu8.blogspot.com/2010/07/httplittleyayasandblessed.html


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