A friend of mine was moving things out of storage and gave me this buffet. ~waves at Nancy~ The top used to be marble but it had broken and was long gone before I ever laid eyes on it. It sat in the man cave for a long time before I ever did anything with it. First thing I did was wash it down with Murphy's Oil Soap. Love that stuff. Diesel and Gingerbean are making sure that I don't miss a spot.

Since the marble was gone, it needed a top. I wanted to use this as an entertainment center so I needed something sturdy. I had a piece of wood cut to fit the top.


I had bought a copy of Romeo and Juliet at a library sale years ago. I was falling apart and I liked how the pages had aged. I tore the pages out and began mod podging them all over the top. I let that dry really well and then applied another layer of mod podge.

Then I mixed brown paint with water to age the pages even more. I just painted it on and them wiped it the excess.
Then I decided to add a border around the edge of my board. Remember when I was whining because I needed a saw? This was why.... The knife totally did not work and I bought the saw. Then I took all these pics of me sawing and staining my edge pieces....but they are no where to be found tonight!
Then we put it all together and moved it to the living room and plunked the TV down on top of it! I really love how the pages look.

The clock in the pic was black but I spray painted it red.

This is my final product! I am very happy with it. In the future I may just paint it black. (sorry about the glare!)

...........is beginning to love tools.


  1. I love that!! What a clever idea for finishing the top!

  2. It looks amazing! And if nothing is on TV you can always read the script.

    I seem to remember a scene about the law of our sides, and biting ones thumb....

    It's been a long time since 9th grade!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Is there ANYTHING you cannot do???

  4. Wow Mindy, great transformation! I love taking old pieces of furniture and recycling them into something really useful. That looks great!



  5. That looks awesome! I'm not allowed to handle sharp objects ... he he

  6. I love your new entertainment center, except it hurts my neck to watch tv at your house. You know, I am sorry if these comments I am leaving don't make any sense. I just woke up, yes its 10am. What you gonna do about it?

  7. THAT is SO COOL!!!!

  8. Nice job! I like the creativity and ingenuity yous used for the top. I love finds like this!

  9. Interesting. We bought a victorian table at the flea mkt,and dad took the hub to the marble quarry and for 100 bucks they cut a piece to fit. We had to polish it ourselves, but it turned out to be easy. I like your solution though, it's very clever!I would so paint that baby black!


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