I get emails and comments with questions about this no sugar/no flour journey that I am on. I thought that it would be fun to let YOU ask me all about what the HECK I am doing. This is your turn to ask questions so....ask away! I will try to answer as soon as possible and to the best of my ability. It does not have to be limited to the can be anything about me and the things that I do. Come on don't be shy...ask away!

So tell me what do YOU want to know??

......knows who, what, where, when and how!


  1. How often are you exercising? I'm trying to get back into a routine.

    Oh, and is Gingerbean still doing the videos with you? My dogs and cat want to get on my Wii Fit board with me which makes it ... a challenge! But I like a good challenge. :)

    You are inspiring me dearest!!!

  2. Is the "no-flour" part based on the idea that you might have a wheat allergy?

    Can a person make a judgment without being judgmental?

    Why do we want our flowers and plants to be short and full, but our women to be tall and thin? I should have been a flower...

  3. Do you use other flours that are not highly processed, or wheat based?

  4. How have you not committed a crime while depriving yourself?


  5. What is your favorite new thing to eat that you never really ate before?

  6. I'm a run for the border kinda gal ... what do you eat when you are faced with yummy chips and dip? Gracias ;-)

    My word veri was covet ... I covet some cheese dip and tacos de pollo asada - what to you covet?

  7. Well I HAD to read you to see what in the world was going on... No sugar. No flour. I do not speak your language. (smile) This you already know, as you discovered my baking blog today. I'm thrilled to have you as a follower but hope I'm not making you miserable! (smile) Great job on the weight you've lost. I'm proud of anyone who can walk away from sugar and flour. Seriously!

    ~Dawn @ BeatUntilFluffy

  8. Well I was wanting to know if you have any other pets besides Diesel???



    PS I am looking forward to the answers to all these questions :)

  9. Tell me what kind of withdraws did you go through and how long did they last?

  10. What are the winning lottery numbers for Saturday's Texas Lotto?

    What's your first thought when you see the "new you" in the mirror?

    What is your favorite "New Food"?


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