Okay I am over the whining from my last post. I am also over the not posting. I do much better when I do post.

This week is going to be hard also but I am going to try to handle it differently. I was kinda bummed about not losing so I thought it was time to take my measurements.
Here is the first pic from the beginning of the contest.
My friend took my news pics last Friday 7/23. She is the one who tells me when something I am wearing is too big. When she says that, I take that item and put it into a box and don't wear it again. I promise I wait until I get home to do that. There is power in that. This is the side pic. ~pouts~ I have a turkey waddle under my chin! This is the full view new pic. Got the shirt on ebay and I love it! I have been wearing a 2X. The new shirt is a 1X and THAT makes me happy!! Pants have gone from a tight 16 to a nice comfortable 14. So here is the break-down....

Head: 23 1/2" no loss. It means I still have a big sexy brain. ~grins~

Neck: 14 1/2" no loss. Turkey waddle firmly in place

Upper Arm: 12" Loss of 1/2"

Lower Arm: 9 1/2" Loss of 1/2"

Wrist: 6 1/2 " Loss of 1/2"

Bust: 46" Loss of 2 inches!!! Yea for THAT loss! I am so tired of ugly old DDD bras!

Waist: 42" Loss of 2 1/2" That makes me happy too!

Fat roll under the waist line: 44 1/2" Loss of 1 1/2"

Thigh: 22" Loss of 2"

Calf: 15 1/2" Loss of 1/2"

For a total of 10 inches lost!

I can totally live with that.

still looking like a big cupcake but I am working on that!


  1. You are doing SO good!!! I'm tellin ya, that GB diet program is AMAZING!!! :D

  2. The inches were amazing! Very proud of you and glad that you went for the measuring tape when the scale frustrated you. My friend tells me to go with how your clothes fit, but I am like you and I want the numbers to budge.

    My numbers were doing well, but I gave in to cheese. I must have been a rat in a previous life because I LOVE cheese. The love of cheese cost me 3 pounds in 2 days time. Not a good thing, but I have my blinders on for the week and we will see what my Friday weigh-in brings.

    Best wishes to you on another successful week!

  3. AWESOME! You are doing great, keep it up.

  4. I'm proud of you! I've only lost ONE inch in my waist! PAH.
    bUt, my bras and panties are too big! YAY.
    hug you,

  5. You are doing wonderful! 10 inches lost should be a big motivator! You should be so proud of your self and you look great! I can really see your weight loss! Yay, Mindy!!!

  6. wow.... you are doing so awesome....
    i weighed myself yesterday and i was in the same boat as you....i didnt lose any last week, but i didnt gain any either...i was feeling a bit bummed too, but also thrilled that i didnt gain any back...
    and being able to check your measurements and find such an amazing difference, should lift your spirits quite a bit....!! :) Well done...!!

    we both will do better this coming week, i Know we wil....!! :)

  7. Congratulations - that no weight loss thingie was just a healthy redistribution!!! Don't shrink so much we can't see you in the picture.

  8. Mindy, I am so happy for all that you have done and are doing, its good to see the pics and just how many inches you have lost and where its at!


  9. Holy stars batman! That's awsome! You go girl ... keep losing yourself ;-)

  10. WOOHOOO Mindy!!
    You are awesome, I can totally SEE a difference in the pics too, looking good!! :)

    Great job you.

  11. YAYYYYYYY Mindy!!! This is awesome! Your face has slimmed down, and your new shirt is really cute! Way to go!!!

  12. It is so great that you did this. Your non-scale victories are just as important as losing weight on the scale. Plus, since you have started eating better, I know you feel better.... Think about how much you have lost, sure, but also what you have gained.

    Now one last suggestion: BANISH the negative talk. Your post on your blog talked about being kind to one another, but you should also be kind to yourself. "Still looking like a big cupcake" made me frown :( You are a glorious woman! Celebrate that!! My rule of thumb: If I wouldn't say it to a friend, why should I say it to myself?

  13. WOW Mindy! Im so impressed by your inch losses!!!!! That is fantatic :) Keep up the great work!

  14. You look great. Love the ebay shirt.


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