It's 7:30am on a Saturday morning and it is raining. Beautiful wonderful rain. I have the kitchen window open and I can hear and and smell it. I love this weather and we have needed the rain so very much. It makes me want to be in the kitchen.

I want to BAKE something. I want to bake crisp cookies. With pecans. With butter. With Good Stuff. I want to taste that rich dough.

And PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH. Understand that I am not hungry for them I just want to bake them. But, I know myself well enough to know that, if I bake them I WILL eat them.

You understand....quality control.

Instead, I think I will go create something in my craft room.

Maybe I will sew my mouth shut. ~grins~

I will let you know.

....likes hers chewy


  1. I can so relate to this post!!! Great idea about the craft room, maybe I should do the same :) Have a fun cookie free weekend ;)

  2. Oh Mindy I am the same way, I wanted some ice cream last night and ended up asking my husband for a glass of ice water instead!

    Have a nice 4th of July!


    PS oh I love chewy cookies (only ginger snaps do I like crispy)

  3. Another baker here...mmmm...I like mine ooey gooey right out of the oven...mmm....


  4. I prefer soft. I'm making brownies for our 4th Cookout today. We'll see how many I eat. Probably not many since I GAINED this week. I knew I would because of my surgery but that doesn't make it any easier to look at the number on the scale.


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