I am going to be posting some answers to your questions over the next couple of days. I promise that your questions will eventually be answered! If you think of more questions, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

I think you will be able to figure out really quick the peeps that I have blogged and facebooked with for awhile! ~laffin and waves to her possee~

Sue from facebook asked:

I was going to ask about all of those single shoes that end up in the middle of the road. How exactly does that happen? But then I realized you want questions about your healthy living, so, shoe question will wait. Can you eat/drink sweeteners like aspartame or that new one?

I use sweetener. That is something that I have not and won't give up. Personally I use Splenda (and the knock-off Splenda at Wal Mart....depends on if I have a coupon or not) but I would really like to try Stevia. It's just expensive and I am afraid that I will not like it. I am also not using natural things such as corn syrups, honey or agave nectar. EDITED TO ADD: I am not doing natural sugars with calories. I also rarely eat white potatoes due to the fact that they process in your body like a sugar. That is why I cannot keep those potato chips in the house. ~grins~

Little known fact about single shoes in the middle of the road. They are placed their by trolls. It's a trap. Do not ask or even google how the trolls got a hold of the shoes in the first place. ~shudders~

Mary Beth wanted to know:

How often are you exercising? I'm trying to get back into a routine.

Exercising ~spits~ Not enough and not consistently. I do not know why I dislike it. I love my yoga and I am trying to get back into the habit of that. I also walk Gingerbean but not like I should. Wanna know a secret? I bought a hula hoop to try. I suck at it. Cannot do it to save my life but it does make me sweet. The animals look very confused while I am attempting it. It's not pretty.

Oh, and is Gingerbean still doing the videos with you? My dogs and cat want to get on my Wii Fit board with me which makes it ... a challenge! But I like a good challenge. :)

Yes the Beanster loves when I exercise. The cats could not care less.

Dijea asked incredulously:

How have you not committed a crime while depriving yourself?


I could have very easily the first week Dijea. I will not lie, that first week was miserable. Especially when I had billboards like the chicken fried steak one to look at. Like I have said before, I have a bad habit of rewarding myself with food. Chicken fried steak, hamburgers and good white cake have always been at the top of my favorite food list. After week one, I treated myself to one of the $5.99 chicken fried steaks from our local Cotton Patch. I LOVE them there. They are honestly good! It is a really big serving and I ate it all. Within 30 minutes I could barely keep my eyes open. I was so damned tired I could barely function. The next morning I woke up ravenously hungry. I KNEW that I was not REALLY hungry. I had eaten a large amount the night before and there was NO WAY that I could be hungry. I figured out really quickly that the flour was messing with my brain.

After that first week of detox, I can honestly tell you that I have not one felt like I was depriving myself. I have eaten some sugar and flour along the way like the white cake at Camille's bridal shower and at the wedding but it was only one piece each time and I was satisfied with it.

It is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I do not crave sugar and flour anymore. It really does not make sense to me at all so I just have come to accept it. You could come and sit with me at lunch and eat a burger and fries and I would be just fine with that. It would smell good to me but it would no longer make my mouth water or make me want to knock you down and eat it before you got back up.


  1. I use "Only Sweet" it is a Brand that uses Stevia... I don't mind stevia... I think that all artificial sweetners leave a slightly 'over sweet' flavor in my mouth, but if you like Splenda then you should have no prob switching... I think mine was 100 packets for $5.99 - $1.00 peelie on the box...

    Carb detox is tough... my first week off carbs I was probably more of a psycho b.tch than I'd like to admit, but once you get through it, it's great... plus I lost weight pretty quickly so that is a bigggg motivator to avoid the carbs...

    I think I am going to start back on low-carb after the weekend... I need time to get prepared... I was basically already following it, but now I am going to jump into the deep end with it!

    Wishing us both luck and continued success!!
    <3 Laura

  2. Flutterby9:54 AM

    Stevia is one of those things that is really bitter for some people. I can't use it. I will send you the box I have left of the packets if you want them. If it doesn't work for you either, you can just pass it along, lol. It was a pretty good sized box. But as you said, you are not using natural products for sweetening, and Stevia *is* a natural product... it's just so sweet they can cut it with the additives and you need so much less of it, it's really no different calorie or carb-wise than using Splenda. And technically, Splenda is sugar... it's just a different molecule... but... I am sure you don't want the details, lol.

  3. A little information that I have run across with sweetners is that Aspartame is really, really bad for you.

  4. I am not really trying to lose weight right now, although I could use it. (You know that I was just recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and that I am trying to deal with all that right now. Your non-posse folk wouldn't know that.) But in the midst of the whole medication changes and lifestyle changes going with all that, I am eating healthier stuff. I do a mediterranean diet. Lots of whole grains, veggies and fruits, healthier fats (olive, etc), and, since meat makes my RA flare up, I am eating it very sparingly. If I weren't bloated from the gigantic doses of prednisone they had me on I would be losing weight. I am going to go sugar/flour free when the medications are stabilized. What is the best trick for that first week of going cold turkey? Or should I taper off?

  5. Maybe I wrote it wrong Flutter....I am not doing anything natural with calories.

    Sure I wanna try it!

  6. Kelly I am aware of that but I am not giving it up right now. Everything we eat unless totally organic or raised ourselves has some sort of a problem.

    Right now I am just not going to tackle the sweetener hurdle.

  7. Cynthia that is a good question and I will fully answer it on another blog post. I would say cold turkey simply because you will detox. Eating even small bits will really slow that down.

    However, with the pain that you experience, I am not sure that you could add to your pain. Make sense?

  8. I think those trolls are not only working the street but they have an inside gig too ... socks! Why else would one sock disapear at at time from my dryer (they come in through the vent!)?

  9. ~looks horrified at Adrienne~

    Listen carefully to me girlfriend. We have traced the call and it is coming from inside your house. Step away from the

  10. Oh Mindy, I loved reading the answers to your questions, I look forward to more!

    I have thought about getting off sugar since I am diabetic, it would be a good thing.

    Thanks for your taking the time to do these questions and answers.


  11. Thanks Joyce! There are more answers to questions coming soon.

  12. Good to know about the trolls....

    And the sweeteners. I'm learning so much here!!!

  13. Sue I am glad you know about the trolls now too.

  14. Mindy - have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The jpg if you care to display (or can at this specific site) is

    the post is at

    Trying to round up some more supporters even if just a couple more!


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