OM ME OH MY.....

Remember when I told y'all about not getting too hungry, angry, lonely, tired or stressed?

Remember when I told you we have to stay prepared and not let those things happen??

Remember when I told you that I only weigh one time a week cause the scales can make me just a teeny tiny itsy bitsy bat sh*t crazy?

Well, let's just say I rolled ALL of that up in a big old ball, picked it up in my arms and hopped onto that scale this morning!!!

Then lets just say that I flapped my arms and ran around all day like henny penny on crack AND with my tail feathers on fire.

Yep....I did all of myself. Today. Over and Over.

So what do you do to talk yourself down from the ledge?


  1. I usually let you talk me down off the ledge. LOL just kidding, I have acrophobia so tend to not get too close to the edge. On that occasion that I find myself there I think about if I do the wrong thing I lose which means someone else wins and I can't have that.

  2. Usually I eat :) That being said, I'm learning to change, and I really like to think for a minute about how far I have come, and tell myself that this is a process, and that I am changing who I am. And then I usually call my sister and have her tell me what skinny people would do in this situation, 'cause I want to start to think like a skinny person.

    Kinda sorta rambling, but you probably can figure out what I mean. You're good like that.

  3. I approach the scale cautiously like a wild animal that may eat me alive because it resents my stepping on it! But I always reweigh three times, why? Why? I like to tempt fate and maybe one of these days one of the three times will be less than the other two!

  4. I just step on see the # step off and say oh well!!!!!



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