Happy Birthday Fancy Gingerbean!!

My furry baby girl is 2 years old today!! Fancy Gingerbean is her pedigree name. Her mom is Fancy Tiki and her dad is Rowdy Yogi Del. Grandparents include Lil Rowdy Chevy and Aunt Naes Honey Bun. Why do I think you need to know that? ~grins~ You don't other than I just LOVE those names!!

Her likes: being outside, catching popcorn, squeaky toys, baths, snuggling, my daddy (her FAVORITE person in the world!!), anything dropped on the kitchen floor, raw broccoli, top of head scratches, her crate when she is sleepy, RIDING IN THE CAR!!!, peanut butter, her mom chasing her when she slips out the front door, sniffing Molly and Diesel's butts, watching people eat, cottage cheese containers, going NAKED, belly skritches, running through the house at break neck speed like something is chasing her, oatmeal, nose kisses, laying with her back legs straight behind her like she is flying, riding in the car, laying on the back of the couch like the cats, Midnight her friend, having the last word.
Her dislikes: the furminator, her crate when she is not sleepy, being still, baby gates, toenail trimming, anyone making a *pop* sound with their mouth, the blow dryer, anyone clipping THEIR nails, being in the back yard when her people are in the front yard, the tacky little froo froo dog that poops on her front porch, the sewing machine, the timer on the oven, the computer powering down, getting her butt wet when it has been raining outside, Midnight when he pees on her, not having the last word. Bad habits: Barking....barking...and B A R K I N G ! ! ! ! ! Good habits: always loving everyone, always smiling, being a happy girl, guarding her property within an inch of her life, her Roo rOo ROO's when she is talking, that last little sigh (like an 80 year old woman) that lets me know that she is going to sleep.

Happy birthday my Gingerbeanie baby. You make me very very happy.
....who never knew she could love a dog this much.


  1. Awww, Happy Birthday, Ginger Bean!!

  2. I love that last picture!!!!

  3. Oh Beaner Baby, I can't believe you are 2!! It seems like yesterday I went to your OM(original Mommy's) house to get you. You are a good baby dog!

  4. What a sweet and fun post, Mindy. I thought I was the only one that posted about my furbabies' birthdays! Gingerbean is adorable - even with her (one) bad habit! LOL!!!

    Happy Birthday, Gingerbean!



  5. Happy Birthday, Gingerbean!

  6. That is such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your little girl.

    BTW, we don't consider barking a bad, no, no. It is in fact a doggly duty!!!!

  7. HaPPy HaPpY BiRthDaY, GinGerBeAn! :)

  8. Happy happy birthday, precious girl! Love to you and your mama!

  9. GingerBean you are a beauty and just now getting out of your teenage years! One of those pictures she almost looks like a little red fox that ate the GingerBread Man!!!

  10. Aw. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gingerbean!
    She doesn't like her furminator? I'm surprised. Chels "talks" almost the whole time I brush her, but she seems o.k. with it.
    Chelsea doesn't like to get her but wet, either. I think it is a girl thing.
    Did you show GB the pics of Chelsea with her hot tub?
    xo, Cheryl

  11. dear gingerbean...
    have you forgotten me? happy bday! and don't let my little brother come over cuz he'll eat all the food y'all got on your counters. he'll destroy pieces of art. and well he won't even chase cats. what kind of brother is he?

    barking? your momma says. we can totally tell you're a diva. an opera star for sure. tail wags from mochajava...

  12. Ohhh! How sweet! Our Mudge is almost 3.

  13. love the gingerbean. great pics, especially the last one. HB, Gingerbean!

  14. Mindy, I am so happy you have that dog. She is ADORABLE and I know you just love her to bits.


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