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I stayed the same. 179.6. How in the world did I manage to do that down to the point 6???

I am okay with it. I would have LOVED a loss but am so glad it was not a gain!

I am sorry I have not been around last week. Work and life are crazy. We are meeting ourselves coming and going. I have walked faithfully each day but I have not eaten enough. It is so hot and I am not hungry. I know that is not good and I have made up my mind to do better this coming week.

Someone tell me something yummy to make!

How did you do this week?


  1. Great work not gaining - I can look at a leaf of lettuce in a magazine and gain weight!

  2. My favorite salad is spinach, apples and pecans with a little jalapeño ranch dressing. I get more energy from that than any other meal I have found yet.

  3. It's hotter than Hades here in VA too ... I'm melting ;-)

    I love to make these shrimp tacos that are so delish:

    marinate some some shrimp in lime and olive oil - grill it up or saute in a pan - make some pico de gallo - top your tortilla (corn for you right?) with shrimp, pico, feta, and some cholula and say ... ahhhh!

  4. Good job Mindy, that is crazy the .6 stayed the same. :)

    Eating when it is hot is hard, I usually feel like fruit or salad.

    Good luck this next week, hope things slow down for you a bit (in life) and keep going down (in weight) ;)

  5. I made a cajun shrimp salad for lunch today. I mixed 2 Tbsp low fat mayo w/ some cajun spice or cayanne pepper and tossed 4 oz shrimp & some diced celery. Put that on top of herb spring mix (salad blend). Looking forward to lunch today :)

  6. I am so proud of you for hanging in there! I have been trudging through with you. I like to take iceberg, spinach, green onion, mushroom, chopped celery and diced jalapenos and mix as my salad base and top it off with fajita chicken and salsa. I have gone 2 weeks without cheese and I feel a meltdown coming on!!


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