Okay today and tomorrow....get out there and show your love and kindness! There are now 111 buttons in the jar and YOU put them there! That is 111 acts of kindness that you did. Those acts count and they do make a difference. I love putting buttons in the jar and I hope you are playing around too.

I ordered a new tag for my mom's cat (that hates my guts) Smokey. I am so sure he will appreciate the kindness. ~snorts~ When I want a new pet tag I always go to the same shop on etsy cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff! PLEASE go and check out her page HERE and tell her I sent you. She has people jewelry too! This is the 5th tag that I have ordered from her.

And look what she added to the package for me....

She had no way of knowing that yesterday was a really rough day for me. I opened up the package and she had done this for me...for ME. She had no way of knowing that her act of kindness would brighten my day but it did.

So now it is your turn! No act is small. Just update me with numbers so that we can add our buttons to the jar!!
you make me very very happy


  1. I received a random act of kindness today while I was out taking pictures - SO PUT ONE IN THE JAR FOR SAID STRANGER.

    I was nice in traffic and let people in in front of me - even when they didn't have the right of way. Does that count?

  2. Oh course that counts Dijea!

    And how cool for you to recognize the RAK towards you! I will add a button for the stanger!

  3. I have for my next door neighbor that made me and my love dinner (just because) and one for me...I made a hat and booty set for a refugee mother from Iraq who is due any day...and yes, I made two hats because you know what happened to the first one!!! LOL <3 Love this Mindy. what an awesome thing to do to encourage goodness and light.

  4. Great idea...have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I am always out helping the hopeless, mostly in grocery stores. Now gerd has struck and I am eating jello and chicken soup. None of my fresh garden tomatoes, nor dairy nor chocolate, nor anything else that's tasty. Last night, his nibs ate a pizza with everything and just looking made me nauseous. Got any suggestions? you could put in a button for yourselves.

  6. Oh poo, I did a random act of kindness on July 21 and I forgot to leave a comment.

    I gave a neighbor five of my cucumbers and ran away. Does that count?

  7. You've been busy while I was away on vacation! OK, so I need to be kind...that rules out my heated conversation with the snotty extern at the center where I volunteer. Do you think I should make nice with her the next day I see her? I think so...


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