I lost one more pound for the week! It's a loss so that makes me happy. My aim is to get healthier. I am totally the turtle in this race.

Mary Beth on Facebook wanted to know:
Well, I want to know about the tennis shoes hung over phone lines. Is that really about drugs? (Cause who knows more about drugs than you...Ms. PO!)

I had never heard of that being the reason Mary Beth until you asked the question. I see it every once in awhile but not that often. I cannot at all recall seeing it in a high drug traffic area. Reading the phone company sites the said that there is a sharp rise in the occurrence at the very end of school.

I probably would have paid more attention if it was marking the way to a good doughnut shop. ~grins~

Lori asked and pondered:

Is the "no-flour" part based on the idea that you might have a wheat allergy?

No that was not how it started. I had read a Dr. Gott article about being sugar and flour free years ago. It stuck in my head and I even sent off for the booklet. Then promptly did nothing about it.

Later I went to a continuing education class and learned how flour and sugar act like cocaine when we eat them. I was intrigued! Then came home and did nothing about it.

That is a running theme in my life...doing nothing about it.

The idea about actually trying no sugar no flour started floating around in my head when we were at the hospital in November 2009 following my Daddy's surgery. I knew that Cade would be graduating in May and Camille and Shawn's wedding was in June and I wanted to do something to lose weight.

It still took me until January 2010 until I actually did something about it. On January 11th I decided that was the day and I started it. I was not prepared but I was determined.

I now know that I do have some sort of a wheat allergy. If I eat much flour, my nose gets running and I get a bad headache. Eat a whole bunch and my tummy gets in on the action. Flour also makes me horribly sleepy and ravenously hungry. It's like a vicious circle.

Can a person make a judgment without being judgmental?

Totally and we do it every day. We know who and what people are by their actions. A judgment can be a good thing.

Why do we want our flowers and plants to be short and full, but our women to be tall and thin? I should have been a flower...

I probably would have still been short and chubby. ~grins~

Winny asked:

Do you use other flours that are not highly processed, or wheat based?

No I don't. I know several that are just gluten free and use other flours like rice and tapioca flours. Since I am just trying to not do flour I am off anything that says flour on the ingredient list.


  1. My sympathies on the short and chubby situation! I too am there (and have a sister who is 6'2"...she ate dirt, that is how she got so tall, but she has had issues with chubbiness too)...

  2. Yay! Congrats on another pound lost! I haven't done too well this week. Actually, I did terrible... I think I've gained everything you and the other girls lost :(

  3. Oh Mindy, I love the way you write, such fun to read, great sense of humor!

    Wow I commend you for not using flour, it would be a really huge change for me since I bake my own muffins and stuff like that...

    Good job and remember slow and steady wins the race!


  4. Thanks Jen! Hey girl..this is a new week!

  5. Dyan you made me snot when you said she ate dirt. HA!

  6. Joyce that is what I have missed most of all....the baking. I am a make it from scratch girl too. I miss the baking it more than eating it. I still make stuff if I know I will be taking it somewhere.

    I may, some where down the line, begin to add flour back in. I will just have to be careful to not let it consume me again.

  7. Congratulations on the pound!

  8. I wanted to let you know I was praying for you.

  9. Sounds like a great way to lose the weight, slow and easy, just like we all put it on! Keep up the great work.

  10. CONGRATS on the loss! You are doing awesome....slow and steady wins the race!

  11. I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I have an award for you.

  12. Mindy - for some reason I did not realize that you gave up ALL flour. ~smacks forehead~ In my journey I have only switched to whole wheat based products. Now I am even more amazed at what you are doing! At the same time, I am feeling really bad - because cous cous is a wheat based product :( Sorry to steer you wrong! The kind I got you was 100% whole wheat tho. Hmm.... I am not earning my nickname today.


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