Okay! Everyone has received magnets that sent magnets out! Since the magnet swap is officially over, we can start playing again!

We are going to start swapping recipes. Every few weeks I will host another round of *Swap That Recipe* with a new category. MAYBE....EVENTUALLY....We might have enough to do some sort of a recipe booklet if we want to in the future.

The rules are simple.

1) You sign up.

2) You are assigned a partner.

3) You send a recipe to that partner in the swap theme. The recipe you send must have been made by you or tried (eatten) by you at least once so that you can tell your swapper about it!!

4) Your recipe does not have to be hand written but it has to be SNAIL MAILED. We all like getting things in the mail. I love getting things from other countries because of the pretty stamps.

5) Your recipe can be just on plain paper or snazzed up anyway that you chose. You may also send other things along with your recipe. HOWEVER, you will be responsible for snail mailing one recipe to your partner by the date announced.

6) You will email your recipe to me and I will keep up with them.

Sign ups will begin now and will go on for a week or two. I will give you plenty of notice on when they need to be mailed out.

This swaps theme is (that makes me feel like the Iron Chef!):


Desserts may include anything sweet so cookies will be allowed. More than likely, there will also be a cookie recipe swap before this is over too.

If you want to do this, please sign up! Send me an email at : princessandthebeads@yahoo.com
Also, please let me know if you will or will not send internationally.

If you want to join in but are afraid of giving out your address.....you can play too! You can email me your recipe so that you can be included in the cookbooklet but you will not have to swap a recipe through snail mail with anyone else. That will allow everyone that wants to...to play!!


  1. Girl, sign me up! (Incoming e-mail)

  2. Me too me too!! I will email you... againnnnn.

  3. This is starting out great! Thank you all!


  5. Expect the requisite email post haste.

  6. sign me up
    and I'll send it anywhere since i'm overseas already.

    Why can't you play Gator?

    hey when /if we try these ... we can post photos. (grin)

  7. Oh Lorna, baby gator CAN play. She is just whining cause does not really cook. She CAN cook because her witty, talented, beautiful Mommy taught her how to....she chooses not too. Do not let her fool you.

  8. whooop whooop whoop!

  9. Do not let her lie to you. I cannot play because I do not have any recipes. I can cook, that fact was never up for debate. I just don't have any recipes

  10. Baby gator...I GAVE you a recipe book for Christmas...the same one that I gave Lorna! How quickly we forget!

  11. baby gator

    recipes are what you make up.

    so whatever desert you make next - however you make it - write it down and bingo we have another recipe for our book.

    PS take a photo of it too - so we see what the original turned out to look like.

    PS if you get really stuck I have a hint. Ice cream is a desert. And you can buy wonderful ready to pour toppings too :)

    I wrote my reipe today and I also sent it to Rach who says she doesn't cook- but I know better. I sent it to her cos I promised it in a rash moment many moons ago.

    If she submits it she has to change the title at least to
    Lovely Lorna's secret recipe! lol

    or something like that.

  12. ~snorts~ Oh Lorna! Honey....sugar....Rachel is NOT lying to you. RACHEL DOES NOT COOK. Rachel will like....fry bacon when we camp but, as a rule, she does not cook.

    She will bring in oreos to something that we are having at work and claim that she made them.

  13. Did I not sign up for this yet? I am ALL OVER IT!


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