A Day Late Now With Sparkles!

Today I am wearing a black pull over shirt with khakis and sparkly black shoes. Half assed shoes as Rachel would call them. I noticed, as I sat to type this late entry, that my bust was sparkling. Oh my! Now that is a surprise! I just ironed this shirt this morning and it did not seem to have it's own personality then. That is when I realized what the true culprit was....The ironing board. You see, I took yesterday off so that we could have Dish Network installed. The whole day just to wait around for Glenn the Dish guy. In fact, they pinned down his time of arrival to any time between 8 am to 12 pm. Around about 10ish, Glenn shows up. His first words were, *eeerrrmmmmm did they happen to remember to tell you that I need your landlord's signed permission?* *No Glenn, they did not or it would be in my little hand. However, if you will look a the other 16 apartments, 12 of them are already Dish suscribers. However, I will give them a call.* Oh, you are already ahead of me and the story! Of course the landlords were no where to be found! Glenn told me that he would call back before he left town and see if I had gotten ahold of them. At 12 I set Glenn free back into the wild with promises to call the company and set up another time as soon as I got my permission slip.

But the day was in no way lost to me. I turned my TV off right before I took Bebo to school and it did not come back on until the news at 6. I crafted! I sewed! I lunched with Baby gator! I got a hair cut! I got to pick Bebo up from school! We did happy hour at the Sonic! I got to be a bonified after school mom for a change! It was not a wasted day at all. I made vanilla. Hemmed the pants that are now on my body. Made a purse. Made an apron. Ironed the clothes that I want to wear for the week. Made more tapioca. Worked on the Valentines that I am sending out. The only down side to the day? My ass got kicked by freakin pot holders. Friends, if you ever receive pot holders as a gift from a friend....Please appreciate the work and effort that went into them. Those things ought to be framed. They are something that me and the sewing machine have not mastered yet! I do believe that I could have whipped up a prom gown much easier and faster.

The Valentines and the ironing board was the glitter connection. I had used the ironing board as an additional work surface. Then, when I ironed the shirt......TADA! Instant sparkles. And you thought it was just my personality.

So here I am, a day late and not the least bit apologetic. My list:

1. Meet at least 3 in real life bloggers that I do not already know. Really thought that was going to happen in January but it just did not. Life sometimes just gets in way or fun stuff.

2. Develop a better prayer life and attend both Sunday School and Church on Sunday's. Well, 2 out of 4 Sundays I attended both Sunday School and Church. Not proud of that one. One Sunday I was in Clarendon helping family. The first Sunday of the year I was there without Bebo. They had communion so the balcony was closed. That is usually where I roost with the rest of my familiar group. So, I had to sit at the bottom....Alone.....With no one that I knew. I almost bailed but I stuck it out. Hey, I never said that my actions would make sense!

3. Make at least $75.00 a month on Ebay. ~sheeze~ Did not even put a thing on. However, I did not buy anything either.

4. Go to the dentist. Not yet but I did call my insurance company and pick a dentist so progress has been made.

5. Make a t-shirt quilt with my new sewing machine. I think that I need to master pot holders first.

6. Get fitted by a professional bra fitter. Not yet, gotta wear out this new bras a bit first.

7. Get more disciplined at yoga and practice at least 5 times a week. Okay, now I am beginning to get really embarrassed over my list. It looks as though I have slept through the entire month of January! Yoga DVD is now out and it will be done tonight! I will also walk on my gazelle.

8. Go camping in the mountains....For real mountains. A bit too cold yet.

9. Create a piece of art. Still just in the crafter stage. But I do have some ideas.

10. Have our family portrait (Baby Gator, Bebo and I) done in black and white with us wearing black shirts. Bought Baby gator and I shirts so this one is a bit closer.

11. Get a better more reliable vehicle. YEA!! Did it!!

12. Become a better steward of my money by being more frugal and recycling more. Had to made a down payment on the vehicle and pay for Baby gators books so savings is a bit low. However, that will change!

So how about you? How are you doing??

I am still open to sending out Valentines!! Come on, you know you want one! And, tis not a card but something better! Send me your name and address in my email and I will put you on the list! I am mailing out the first set tomorrow!


  1. Panties! We want panty-palooza!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and I was very interested too in this Pantypalooza idea... so I was hoping you'd let us in on some of your plans. Have you picked a place you're going to bestow your things on yet? Did you call them first or are you just going to surprise? Have you purchased or made anything yet? I want to do this too... but damned if I'm sure where to start...

  3. You are great! I cant even find my list but

    a) I will call you and not just speak to your answering machine. Shame I didn't know you were home yesterday!

    b) learn to reverse the trailer. I will do that when the snow and ice has gone. a friend said to get a tonker car with trailer and practice with that first which sounds fun. My friend has a 4 year old son, I think I'll go babysit :)

    c) what else did I say I'd do. Oh the office. Haven't stuck to that but

    d) reading scripture - started the 90 day Bible thingie and it's gone well (forgot all about it yesterday - so busy and so exhausted) but almost caught up again already and loving it.

    I'm sure there was more, but ...

    DD (soon 14) went to get fitted for a bra when I was away and bought a lovely halter neck one with ... erm ... stringies (is that what they call them) with her Chritmas money. She went with my friend (50+) and they had a smashing day - ended up going to see P&P at the cinema.

  4. Mindy - those shoes didn't even qualify as half-assed. They were barely even toe-covers. Geeze! Glad you list is going ok so far.

    Lorna - DD's day sounds like a great time. I really wanted to see P&P at the movies as well. Maybe I will still have the chance...


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