Well, I did not run away nor did I get kidnapped. Trust me, if I were kidnapped....they would bring me back. I had the flu. Nasty stuff....stay away from it at all cost!

That has put me behind in several things. I am working on mailing out addresses for the recipe swap. Be watching your email. If you still want in. Email me now!


  1. I was so worried! I was about to have Rach go out in the TTOJ lookin' for ya.

  2. Welcome back! I was beginning to think you had fallen in one of the cracks in the ground up around where you live. (You know the ones caused by a severe and complete lack of rain.)

    Actually, I was up your way this weekend (AMA way) and considered hunting you down to make sure you were still among the living.

  3. Welcome back. I'm glad you are feeling better!

  4. Whew! I'm glad you're back and hope you feel better.

  5. Glad you're better. I was starting to get concerned....


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