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I got up at 6:30 this morning. That is my usual routine on Sundays. I love to get up and read my Sunday papers before getting ready to go to Sunday School. All went well this morning. We got ready in record time and left about 15 minutes before class time. Went to start that CRV and got *ggggrrrrr ggggggrrrrrrr* *ggrr ggrr*. Then...silence...the battery was totally dead. I took it as a sign from God to stay home. (Rach pointed out that it might have actually been a sign from AC Delco) but home I still stayed. Came in and but on sleep pants and my *probation officer play nice or go to jail* t shirt and started working on my Pantypalooza project.

The world (both in real life and in the internet world) seems to have an itch it cannot scratch....a stick up its proverable hiney.

At work, it was horribly hairy and we were short handed. Hearings that should have taken 20 minutes took 3 hours. New attorneys back talked Judges. People at work cried because they either did not feel well, they had family members in big problems or they just did not want to be there.

The same feeling entended over into the blog world. Some people that I know are taking breaks or leaving their blogs for their own reasons. Part of that is very confusing to me. I have to always take into account that people do not always think like I do. I think david is right with what he wrote yesterday. I first I did not think I agreed with what he said and then, realized that he is right. I write here because I have to. There is too much inside of me that needs to get out. I started out writing because of Rach and her blog. I used to be so addicted to my site meter because I thought it proved that people were reading me. Then, I realized that alot of people read off of the likes of bloglines so they never even enter the blog. I am a person who loves attention and validation. The comments feed me at times. But, I would still blog if the comments faded away and my site meter never got another hit. This started out as a lark. It is not that any longer. I blog for my emotions. I blog for fun. I blog to connect with others. I blog cause I have an incrediable life. I blog to make myself happy. I blog to make others happy (I ended up mailing out 15 special Valentines!!). I blog to make the great big old world smaller. I sinply blog. If you like it it... wonderful! Pull up a chair and hang around and my circle will widen. If you don' loss sweetness. Thanks for coming by and I hope that you find what it is that you are looking for.

I have worked on putting all of my stuff together for Pantypalooza this morning. It has, in a bizarre sort of way, a form of worship. I know that there are four women at the shelter right now. I made up four different make-up bags full of treats. I have included manicure stuff, facial peels, Bath and Body Works lotions, make-up brushes, body soaps, perfumes, key chains, cute memo pads, gums and candies. To the crisis center, I am sending: PANTIES!, good shampoos and conditioners, bath soaps, bath bubbles, bath sponges, purses, body washes, facial soaps and masks. I am a pack rat who loves packaging. I had to buy very little to put all of this together. I buy things with coupons and I amass samples all of the time. I am thankful that it is all finally going to a good use. As I was putting things together, I was over come with the feelings of not being able to do enough. I remember how it was to feel as though you were forgotten. I prayed as I put together the make-up bags that these women would no longer feel that way. I also included a card for each woman and tiny little glass hearts that I had found.

Don't forget....just a few days before your Pantypalooza project needs to be delivered on Valentines day! (or as Maid refers to it Single Awareness day) Make me proud! Heck, make yourself proud!! I really hope that we do this each year and that it grows and grows. Let me know what you are doing or what you did if you do not mind!

pppppsssstttt.....I am curious as to who tawonda is and I wanted to thank you for posting on the board.

You sweet, beautiful, gentle, special are not forgotten. I hope that you and your panties have a really good day.

Edited to add at 2:00 pm. I went out to see if any of the neighbors were home to get a boost. I thought I would then run the CRV to Wal Mart and get another battery. The CRV started on the first try. ~grins~


  1. beautiful post, Mindy - have a great day

  2. I love your way of thinking, Mindy, and find myself in agreement on your comments about the reasons you blog.

  3. St. James was repeating the Old Testament when he wrote that "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress . . ." No wonder you experience the pantypalooza as worship; that's just what it is, and it is the best kind.

  4. Yeah, you were meant to stay home and work on panty kits. :-) Those "Do it now!" messages from God can come in handy sometimes.

  5. Get the battery AND THE CABLES checked soon please. If they are ok, then have other electrical components checked. You don't want to get stranded somewhere. Something is not right unless it was just really really cold...

  6. Ahem...remember what happened to me last week? Have old Wayne take a look see under the hood, y'hear?

    But don't take no crap from him...

  7. Mindy you are GREAT. You inspire me and I love it. Those packages look GREAT.

    laughing about the flat battery :)

    and your honesty about why you blog had me in tears. As I said you inspire me lady, and I'm glad to have you - very glad - to have you as a friend.

    One day we'll meet and yeah camping! (with comfy beds please!)

  8. Wonderful! A Sunday well-spent... Glad the car is running again, though.

  9. All right, all right! I bought stuff at lunch for you to add to your packages.

    Naturally, I bought the wrong number of items. Geeze.

    Happy VD. This is a great way to channel your pissed-off-at-Hallmark energy!

  10. Let's just say that LutheranChik is pretty well acquainted with Tawonda. You might say that we are sisters under the skin...Doppelgaenger.

    Oh, LC, just 'fess's ME. You've blown my Beliefnet cover! That's my nom de plume/nom de guerre over there.

  11. Darling Mindy,

    I did not participate in the Pantypalooza, though I had every good and happpy intention of doing so. I have been funky for a while. Don't know why. But you can't know how much of a delight it is to me that:

    1) you came up with the wonderful idea
    2) you and so many other people played
    3) you are there blogging, even when I am funky!

    Hey, maybe blogfriends are kind of like God? They are there whether we are on top or not? They are certainly part of my worship. :)

    I do plan to play the Palooza sometime in the next few weeks. It won't be Valentine-y, but it will be a gift. I'll let you know!

    hugs, mb


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