Personal Ads For A Lovely Lady

**You will know me because I will be wearing a red flower in my hair....and you....I shall know you for you will be carrying the Times under your arm.....**

This is Reef Beef. This cow is at a park close to my home. I get to see her daily. I love here aquatic theme and her bright blue color! The photo at the bottom was taken a few days ago and is how she normally looks. On my ride home yesterday, she had gussed up and had a red tissue flower on her head. I just had to stop and get a new pic of her. I think she is meeting up with her Valentine Date.


  1. Awww, she looks so beguiling....I hope it does not rain on her flower.

  2. LOL that's one of my fishtanks! But.. am I mistaken or do I see some *Steer-age* under there.. They gotta quit decorating these boys to look like girls, lol.

  3. I bet she's going out with "COWboy". You know how men in flannel shirts turn women on.

  4. very adorable (popping in from vacation to say hi!)

  5. I love her flower!


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