And today....

People have started receiving my Valentines!! I am so glad! If you did not get in on getting a special Valentine mailed to you by ME....send me an email requesting on. It may not get to you by Valentines but you will still get one...and I promise you will like the surprise!!

We have 9 signed up for the Dessert swap so far. I think that is a great start but we need more. Come on, don't make me beg...well, I will if you really want to. Sign up now!! Pretty Please.


  1. OH oh I wanna tell what I got but don't want to spoil the surprise.. sigh. I AM using it for good, honestly. But there is just that one curse I need to get out there...

  2. I LOVE the valentines, and YEAH! Put me in the swap! You know I love it! I'm a swappin' fool.

  3. I got your valentine and it is GORGEOUS

    I am so, so impressed with your creativity! I put it up in my office and it is wonderful and everyone loves it. :)

    You made my day!

  4. Ok, YT makes #11!

    I am glad ya'll liked the Valentines....I thought it would make ya smile!

  5. I did smile, and I will when I pass by it in the morning on the way to breakfast. Thanks, Mindy!

  6. What a sweetie you are. Since I remain incognito, my address is off limits, but you're a great valentine online....with no paste or glitter required.

  7. I got mine and I love it. It made me smile (and does everytime I look at it.) I thought I broke it, though -- until I realized there were magnets!

    Thanks again!

  8. Fidget5:51 PM


    Thank you so much for the fabulous Valentine, Mindy! You have the ability to make me feel special when no one else can. You are an angel and I'm bless to have you in my life.

  9. Fidget5:53 PM

    *ahem* That should have been "I feel blessed". You had me so discombobulated that I couldn't type.

    Love you!!!


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