The Phone Is Off The Hook....and The Doorbell Is Going Unanswered....

Because today is the Super Bowl. HA! You never pegged me as a football fanatic?!?! I am not. I only understand parts of the whole thing. I get the big picture....I understand the basics. The main part that I understand is that it pleases Bebo. HE is the football, hockey, all things sports fanatic in our home. He did got get that from babygator or myself. Trust me, some things are just basic and come pre-wired! So, for today, time will stand still when the game begins. We will have our annual Super Bowl Party. We both have our teams that we root for. I always get the one that Bebo does not want. ~laffin~ when he was smaller, he would often flip flop on his teams during the game depending on who was winning. Now that he is older, he sticks to the team that he has already chosen.

This is one of our traditions that began about 6 year ago. Bebo was about 5 or 6 years old. He and I have had Superbowl parties through out all of those years. Well, actually we missed last year due to him being grounded over algebra. But this year, the tradition has returned. Now, this party is a bit different from many parties....he and I will be the only celebrants. He could have gone to the Church's youth party but never even asked me if he could go. That means, I get this party for at least another year. I know that, eventually, he will go his seperate way and party with the big boys. This year is mine.

The planning for the party begins a few weeks before the actual event. I mean, who can have a Super Bowl party without food? So, he and I are on the lookout for new foods to try and that is also what makes it special. We have our football shaped chip and dip bowl that will be filled up this afternoon. We will begin cooking food in the next few hours so that everything is ready. Then we will settle in for the game.

Raising a boy has been alot of trial and error for me. It did not come naturally. Babygator was a girl so that was not too difficult. But a boy? How does one raise a boy without a father in the home? By trial and error. By making mistakes and then correcting them. Sometimes, that is where the best lessons are learned. His father does not take an active role in his life. He himself will tell you he has not been a good father. Yet, he has never missed paying his child support. That has helped.

The first time I realized that I would have to do things differently was during his first YMCA soccer game. He was all of 4-5 years old. He was so excited to be playing until the game actually started. He did not get into a lot of the action because HE WAS AFRAID THAT HE WOULD GET HIS Y SHIRT DIRTY! His sister and I were mortified and started a new training campaign. We would get him into the yard and push him around some while playing with him. Do you think I am kidding? I am not! We had to teach him that he was supposed to get dirty! To this day, he loves to play sports. I hope that episode never comes out in therapy. Yet, he is not cutting edge competitive. We lovingly refer to him as *the goodwill ambassador of sports*. Ya know, that is alright with me.

I have also realized the importance of keeping good male role models in his life. My Daddy has always been such a good influence on him. We moved to Plainview when Bebo was just about to turn 4 years old. The move was hard for all of us but especially for him. My Daddy come to my home each and every night when Bebo was little just to give him his bath. Did not matter if my Daddy was working or not, he was there. He also took both of my children to *coffee* at the coffee shop. When Babygator was in school, my Daddy would come and get Bebo for his morning *coffee*. He would begin to hear my Daddy's pick-up coming down the road and would start crawling to the door cause he knew....he knew the man that loved him the most was coming to get him. Since moving to Plainview, my Daddy has not missed any of Bebo's games. Not even when gas got very high. That's a good man for you. There have also been great male Sunday School teachers, Coaches and my friend's husbands who have played a major role in his life.

My Mom is one of my very best friends. She is not a demonstrative person like I am. I know that she loves me by how she takes care of me. There was alot of damage in her early life that holds her back and I have made peace with that. For my birthday last October, she gave me a book called, *Raising Boys Without Men* by Peggy Drexler. The book is about how maverick moms are creating the next generation of exceptional men. When she gave me the book she said, *I have read this book before I gave it to you. I am so proud of you because you have raised Bebo right all along. There were times I thought you were wrong in doing some of the things that you were doing.....but you weren't. You did it right without the book.*. That meant so much to me. The book is a must read for any woman raising a boy....with or without a man.

So for today, we will party and hollar at the TV. And all will be right in our little corner of the world for another day regardless of which team wins.

But I sure to hope that it is the Sea Hawks so I can taunt Bebo!!

Bebo making his world famous mexican cheese dip!


  1. That made me cry, and I don't know why. I am so proud of my little brother whether he is passing math or not. If you want us to we could load up and come to Plainvie for the game! Just give me a call when you get up from your nap!

  2. We're partying too...because it's SFW's thing. You're a great mom, Mindy!

  3. Is it any wonder we're all crazy about you?

    What a terrific tribute to a great son and his wonderful mom!

  4. revmom said it well.

    I hope I can meet all of you someday. And God bless your Dad--and Mom.

  5. What a touching story. You're a terrific mom and you're making great memories for your son.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to the power of a loving family.

  7. You may be doing it by trial and error, but from the sound of it, you're doing a great job. You love your son and he knows it. That will more than make up for any 'mistakes' you make.

    Keep it up!

  8. Excellent Mom! You are the perfect mother for him. You are all so lucky to have each other.

  9. I admire you for raising your children on your own although it sounds like you have lots of help! Especially help from our Heavenly Father! Great job, girl! Prayers to you! Hope y'all enjoyed your party!

  10. I loved this Mindy! You are a great mum :)

  11. Aaawww....that's just so lovely!

  12. Yoo Hoo! I am ONE HAPPY RECIPIENT of Beautiful Magnets! Many thanks!


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