I Am Really Hungry For Wedding Cake

but, since I do not have even a boyfriend and Babygator's wedding is a year away, I will just have to make due with this!

Too cold to get out and take a pic of a cow so I am going to go ahead and get started on the recipe swap. I am going to let people continue to sign up until Sunday. They, either Sunday or Monday, I will email you with your swap partners address. You will have a week to send off your recipe. You will also email me a copy of the recipe. I will keep up with all of the recipes so
that…..MAYBE....EVENTUALLY....We might have enough to do some sort of a recipe book/bookletlet if we want to in the future.

This is the list of those that have already signed up. I would like to have at least 20 to start playing but we shall play no matter what the number!

1. YankeeTransplant

2. Rachel

3. Baby Gator

4. Song Bird

5. Mary Beth

6. Lorna

7. Aphra (one of Lorna’s friends!)

8. Second Grade Teacher

9. Little david

10. Maid of Honor

11. Quotidian Grace

12. Flutterby

13. Cheesehead

14. Reverend Mother

15. Future SIL

16. Me

The rules are simple.

1) You sign up.

2) You are assigned a partner.

3) You send a recipe to that partner in the swap theme. The recipe you send must have been made by you or tried (eatten) by you at least once so that you can tell your swapper about it!!

4) Your recipe does not have to be hand written but it has to be SNAIL MAILED. We all like getting things in the mail. I love getting things from other countries because of the pretty stamps.

5) Your recipe can be just on plain paper or snazzed up anyway that you chose. You may also send other things along with your recipe. HOWEVER, you will be responsible for snail mailing one recipe to your partner by the date announced.

6) You will email your recipe to me and I will keep up with them.


This swaps theme is : Desserts

Desserts may include anything sweet so cookies will be allowed. More than likely, there will also be a cookie recipe swap before this is over too.If you want to do this, please sign up! Send me an email at : princessandthebeads@yahoo.comAlso, please let me know if you will or will not send internationally.

If you want to join in but are afraid of giving out your address.....you can play too! You can email me your recipe so that you can be included in the cookbooklet but you will not have to swap a recipe through snail mail with anyone else. That will allow everyone that wants to...to play!!


  1. I am assuming the Rachel listed there is me.

    Hmmmm.... I don't remember signing up. Because I DO NOT COOK. Yep. Definitely don't remember signing up.

    Well. I will grudgingly play and see what Jackson can come up with for me. Maybe something out of the Nero Wolfe cookbook I bought him a couple of years ago...

  2. Yes! Yes it was you Rachel. I think you called especially from Austin and said *Please DO SIGN ME UP!* So I did! We are all really looking forward to your recipe!

  3. C'mon, Rach...you can do it! I can't wait. Nothing I like better than a MINDY SWAP!

  4. I'm so excited... my first Mindy Swap!

    As the resident Maid of Honor/ wedding planning fool, I can offer this advice. When Baby Gator has to decide on what cake she wants, go to the different bakeries with her and sample the cakes. You get to eat lots of wedding cake that way!

  5. I would like to play to. This is B, Baby Gator's fiance.

  6. Hmm... OK, I'll play. I can't resist a Mindy swap.

  7. ~laffin~ Sounds like ya'll are about to start swapping Mindys!!

    I am so glad you are playing RM!

    And of course you can play Future SIL!

  8. What if we send one kind of hard recipe and one that's easy? I really like my chocolate mousse recipe, but it is pretty involved.

  9. OMG I just read the saying under your blog title. That was so cute!!!

  10. Mindy? Where are you?

  11. pssst.. she's a bit under the weather. I think it's time for a delegation to go kick some flu bug ass...

  12. I
    am in

    awaiting a snail mail address :)

  13. Get well, Mindy! I just stopped by to check on you.


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