Swap Thinking A La Recipes

Okay, I am getting really ready to do start the recipe swap! Who is in??

This is my idea.....we have a recipe swap every few weeks with a different theme each time. You would send a hand written recipe to who ever your partner is and also email the recipe to me. I would keep up with all of the recipes through out each different swap. Then, in the end, we might just have enough to make us up a cookbooklet. I think Kinko's would print them up for us. Then, we could determine the price of printing and mailing and ~insert big musical flourish here~**TA DA** each of us have one! This would really be an easy swap and maybe even more people would participate.

I would like us to start with deserts. What do you think about it? Come on and be honest. I want this to be fun and still work for us all. What'ca got??


  1. Desserts...I can send some recipies for biscuits? (That's all I bake.)

  2. But do you all like the idea of it eventually ending up in a cookbook form?

  3. Yes! Definately! :D

  4. I don't have big dreams for the cookbook. (That's code word for I don't want to be in charge of a cookbook.) But I'll swap like nobody's business.

    Bring it!

  5. ~laffin~ I can be in charge. SHEEZE...I will be the mom of the group!

  6. I'm in :) though I'm hopeless on deserts. Does baking (cake or biscuits) count or will we have a separate section for that?

    I'd love a Friends of Mindy's cookbook at the end - but it could be an online one if that's what happens.

    erm one thing, does it HAVE TO BE hand written. ONly I have really really really bad handwriting. Even I can't read it sometimes. I could ask my daughter to write it out I guess :)but what about printing it on really nice paper. Woudl that be acceptable?

    oh and cos of different measurements etc could we make sure we include that kind of info too :)

  7. I'm absolutely awful and am still trying to get magnets out-many have been purchased, I just have to make the couple that I want to make and then send it off. But this thing sounds much easier, so I'd like to participate.

  8. Um...hello...I don't exactly do recipes. Why couldn't we do something cool like address books or earrings?

  9. You know I like to cook. And desserts are about my favorite, so, yeah, count me in.


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