I Want To Play Too!

I do not want to be left behind! Everyone's playing it so I am too!

Tell me what you think here!

I shall be ever so brave!


  1. Anonymous! has struck again! But Baby Gator knows you in person and your blog readers have only your written words to perceive you from (to guage you by, but I am not sure I am spelling the word guage right, it doesn't look right).

    Anyway, I think the interesting thing would be to compare the blog people's choices with those who know you in real life.

    Like Rach, I think this would make an fascinating study.

  2. BTW, I only recently noticed your note in your header about being full of Care bear DNA. Has that been up there long??...Did I put caring as one of your traits?

  3. I have started the experiment! I sent out a window to my family and friends, and put another one on my blog. And then I will see how they match up (or not!).

  4. Honestly, I think your kind, sweet, funny, quirky and 'low maintenance but high strung.' Or so I've been told.


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