Remember last year when we went to Austin and I fell in love with my now pretend boyfriend John Craigie??? Well, it is that time of year again and I am leaving tomorrow to go to Austin.

Alas, poor John will not be there. *sobs*

It is time to get away. It has been a rough week. Some really high highs and some really low lows but it is all good. It will be better once I get a break.

Before I go....just a few points:

1) Anyone know of any good fabric or beads stores in Austin that I need to go to? A Harley shop?

2) I have been back on WW for almost a week now. I am beginning to think I have only lost weight in my right foot. I cannot keep my damn sandal on my foot to save my life!! Wish I could say that about my pants or some other part of my body that is really fat!

3) I have now been diet coke free since last Friday. Aren't I thrilled. I believe that the Sonic will send my family a sympathy card any day now believing that I have died.

4) Would anyone be interested if I opened an etsy store online and sold jewelry and my purses?

5) Am I the only one that is totally bored with her own self?

6) Swap anyone? I am thinking of an initial swap. You would send things to your partner that all begin with the first letter of your partners name.

7) Am I the only one that goes to grocery stores when she goes to other places???

8) Wanna meet me in Austin?

9) Swan has made me an honorary queer that is into guys! I will wear the title proudly. ~grins~

Just so you know....#9 is not in any shape, form or fashion being used in a derogatory way by either Swan or myself.

I leave you with this to make you smile. It totally cracks me up for some unknown reason. Found it from Miss Martha *waves at her from over here*


  1. i love LOLA. it is one of my favorite songs. speaking of lola while in austin if you find yourself on 6th street and see leslie tell him/her hi for me. he helped us put up our christmast tree when i was in 8th grade in east tx. i'll have to ask finch about bead and fabric shops. i can't remember which ones i used to love when we lived there. this getting long sorry. i would love to swap, and your not alone i love to visit random grocery stores when i go visit.

  2. 1. There used to be a good bead shop on the Drag. Of course, that was in the 70s, so I'm sure it's a Starbucks by now.

    5. Totally.

    8. You bet! Too bad it's so far away. My husband and I were just talking about going there, probably next year.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Have a great time!!!!

  4. awwww... I would also name you queen of f#%^&*ing everything - cause you rule - but I don't know where I put that magic wand.... hmmmmm. Have a wonderful trip. Next year tell me when yer' going and we'll plan a meetup. Sweetie has been dying to take me to Austin.

  5. I still owe you from the last swap . I will get my act together I promise.

    have a good trip. I'm away from Sunday on -and it's going to be hectic - usually I love going but not this time. I'm up to my eyes in it here before I go -and will drown there - 9-6 school days and a lot of other work there too.

    spare a prayer or three for me ...right now it's as if the world is spinning too fast and frankly I just want to get off (for a day or two, or more!)

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Hi! I'm commenting from work and can't log in here.

    So.....you gave up Diet Coke? Why? They make it with vitamins now...Just in case you didn't know.

    And I'd shop in your store.

    And does being a queer who's into guys mean that you're a gay man in a woman's body? I used to have a boyfriend who boasted that he was an honorary lesbian. (don't ask).

    Have a safe trip. Looking forward to the tales of your adventures. And pictures.(don't forget to pack your camera)

    Presbyterian Gal (incognito)

  7. Initial swap sounds fun and random-as long as no craftiness is required. :)

  8. swaps are good.

    my sympathies to sonic on your giving up diet coke. Will the economy suffer?

    The princess of everything on etsy? yay!

  9. Mindy - Keep the faith on WW. I've been back since November and I have lost 20.4 lbs. It has made my shoes fit better, which was surprising to me. And now I have a pair of shorts that I had to use twine to tie them up while I was at THD the other day.

    I'm in for a swap, and I LOVE etsy!

  10. All I hear when I watch that video is Weird Al.. "I saw the little runt sitting there on a log...."
    And I told hub the other day that I was taking myself with my short lesbian hair to Home Depot to look for his replacement. He didn't think it was funny.

  11. I wish I could go to Austin and meet up with you! Hope you have a great time. If you'd just come on to Houston, I'd meet you real quick-like!!

  12. 8. Yes, I do want to, but can't do it this time. During and after the BE (like when all the Texans were sitting in the NOLA airport together), there was some talk of planning a Texas RGBP meetup in Dallas or maybe Austin, maybe later this year...so you and Rach will have to come get together with everyone then.

  13. A Texas RGBP get together? Sounds great. Will do my bestest to be there if it happens.

  14. Have a great time in Austin! We spoke of you often (and adoringly)while on the ship.

    Weight loss in your right foot... hee, hee, hee.

  15. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Yes swap!!
    Yes Etsy!!

    Keep driving and come to So. Indinana!

  16. Hope you have a wonderful trip and get lots of rest.
    The swap sounds like fun - count me in.
    WW - don't know anything about them. My weight loss plan consists of eating 5 fruits and 5 vegetables every day !! After you eat those you can have anything you want.........but usually I'm too full to even look at food. LOL

  17. 3)Diet Coke free - good for you!
    5) You Mindy, may be bored, but are never boring.
    6)Initial swap sounds fun, count me in.
    7)I usually wind up going to grocery stores in other towns because I decide I can't live without a particular snack or perhaps a grooming item I've forgotten. I went to Walgreens which is not really a grocery store in NOLA because I needed sunscreen and mine was deep in my luggage.
    8) I'll be in Austin Memorial Day weekend, but G&T might not like me having a blogger meet up on our get away weekend.

  18. You're playing MY song!!!!

  19. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I wanna swap - and shop on your etsy site!! Mrs. Swizzle has an etsy site also - link on my page - i'm sure she'd be happy to help if you need anything!!

    I love to go to grocery stores - went to one in Barcelona with Miss Smarty Pants!! Great place to get local stuff. In fact, it used to be a required stop in Austin to get Herdez salsa - back when it came in cardboard cans (circa 1988)... now we can get it here & it's still the best canned store bought salsa!!

  20. Forgot to say that my family has ALWAYS gone to grocery stores - I think it is a part of learning the culture. Elastigirl and I got super cheap saffron while we were in Spain. When I was in Poland I found this mustard that I will try to find here when I run out. It is kind of garlicky. Grocery stores are a great way to save some money on your trip too...

  21. I have always thought about swapping something with you.

  22. I totally remember that song.


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