*snickers* But not in the way that you are thinking!!
This is my copier. Well, part of it. You can't really see too much because of the big bodacious cat that is laying on top of it!

About 3 weeks ago, my mom called me and told me that she wanted me to start praying about something. Told her Sure! What? That is when she told me that she was thinking about getting a cat.

I would have been less surprised if my mom had told me that she was getting a tattoo.

I told her to leave it up to me. I started praying. I also started making some phone calls. Bebo and I went out and talked to Laura at the Humane Society. I told Laura, who is a DOLL, that I was looking for a cat for my mom. I also told her that I wanted one that was declawed, short haired and gregarious. She told me then that they rarely get in declawed cats...maybe one every 6-8 months. I told her that was fine and what we were praying about.

The next day Laura called me and told me to call Regina at one of the local vet offices. (Same vet that M2 has paved the parking lot for...and maybe added an entire wing). Regina tells me that there is someone that has just what I am looking for and passes on that woman's phone number. Regina told me that the family had been praying for a good family to adopt their cat.

Long story my mom's new cat! This is Smokey. He is ONE BIG BOY. Smokey weighs in at 15.5 pounds! And is a total sweetheart. He talks a lot and he is always purring. Even funnier, the girl that I got Smokey from has relatives in my mom's town. Even odder, they all know one another and go to the same Church. We will take him home to my mom this weekend. In the meantime, guess who came to work with me this morning?

I am seriously thinking about buying him a baseball cap and telling my landlord that he is Bebo's baby brother. Think that might work?

Today I am thankful for:

1. Answered prayer.

2. Emails from y'all checking up on me.

3. Text messages cause inside I am 13 years old.

4. Iced Tea

5. Clean panties

6. A kitty who snuggles

7. Swaps

8. Lime Green

9. Sweaters

10. A Support System

11. My Camera

12. You

13. Questions...for some reason I just love answer your questions.

The swap is still open. I will try to pair everyone up late Sunday or on Monday. You can still get in.

pppsssttt.....please delurk. I would so love that.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    What a handsome cat!! I had one named Smoky that looked exactly like that when I was in Jr. High. It is always amazing to have prayers answered so quickly and concretely... your mom will love Smokey!

  2. OMG that is one gorgeous cat! He looks like a Russian Blue, which is an extraordinarily intelligent, loving and large breed.

    And what a blessing "WHEN PRAYERS COLLIDE!!!" Love that.

    Here's my question:

    What was your most favoritist beloved toy when you were a young'n?

  3. camille told me that mama was getting a cat, and i was a wee bit surprised.
    a question: what is something you know now, that you wish you had known then?

  4. I will text your cell sometime at an extremely inopportune time and ask if you are wearing clean panties. Just because I can. And you know I don't generally like cats but if I had one, it would be like that one! He's absolutely gorgeous and looks like he thinks he owns the world!

  5. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I'm with Flut, I'm not really a "cat person" per se, but HE is one georgeous kitty.
    If you gave me your cell number I would text you!!
    I was thinking that you would post a 'thankful' list sometime soon.
    Glad all is well with you.

    My question: How did your love of cows come to be?

  6. uh just sayin' smoky's ears are big enough he looks like a baby cooogar...

    (yeah i know it's spelled cougar but it's more fun to pronounce coooooogar)

  7. He's beautiful! What a great story. Congratulations to all.
    (Need I remind you that this is one reason why you need a HOUSE?)

  8. I am so happy to be getting a new uncle. And this one has more hair!

  9. What a good-looking cat-fellow he is! I love the story of how it all came to pass!

  10. He is LOVELY. And 15.5 pounds is a lotta kitty cat! Our largest bedwarmer model (as in Garrison Keillor) was 14... couldn't quite pull the kids in the wagon, though.


  11. :snort:

    Too bad I DON'T have your cell phone # or I would text you...

    Could use a code


  12. wow :)He's gorgeous!(not that I like cats really! They make me sneeze!)

    Amazing testimony of the way that God answered your prayer. When Prayers collide. I lovethat

  13. What a handsome boy!!

  14. Beautiful cat~ He'd be great in a baseball cap!

    I love how Smoky came to you by prayer.

  15. I adore that cat!!!

  16. A cat for an answered prayer - make that two answered prayers. Awesome. No. Really. Awesome.

  17. I bet it'll be hard for you to let that good looking fella go.....
    Question - what is "delurk" ??

  18. Mrs. M1:07 PM

    This is a gorgeous, gorgeous cat! (We have 2 + a spare at my place.) I want to rub my face in their tummies. I do it, too, but it's certainly not a popular course of action.

  19. Delurking here... I love cats. Not really a dog person (especially after my sister's pug bit me last week!). Smoky looks like a great cat. LOVE him.

  20. That's just awesome! What joy fat cats bring ;-) Happy day.

  21. Smoky is beautiful!


    I love it that you are thankfull for clean underwear.... I was today! You made me smile thanks

  23. wow - what a beeee-ooooooo-tiful cat! and your list is even better.

  24. like the blog post title, and wow! what a cat! even though I am a converted dog person, I can still appreciate feline beauty!

  25. just checking did I miss swap info? Did you have me on your list?

  26. What a great looking cat! I love your attitude by the way. YOur posts are uplifting.
    Thank you


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