Mindy: your beloved Princess feeling particularly snazzy today thinking she is beginning to look like she has lost some weight.

Tina Marie: a defendant that used to be supervised by Mindy. Used to being the keys words because she screwed up and went and did her prison time.


The Court House Parking Lot.

The scene begins with Mindy leaving the Court House. She is walking merrily out to her vehicle, minding her own sweet business. The theme to the Mary Tyler Moore Show is playing in the background.

Camera cuts to Tina Marie grinding out her cigarrette on the ground and turning to see Mindy walking to her vehicle in the parking lot.

Mindy: "Hi Tina Marie! How are you doing?"

Tina Marie: "Hi Mindy! I am doing really well now. Thank you for asking."

Mindy: "I am glad to hear that. Have a good day."

Tina Marie: " You too! And take care of yourself. Looks like you could have that baby just any day now!"

Mindy: ~blink blink~

Cut to a close up angle of Mindy's face as she gets into her vehicle. See her sit there for a moment with her eyes narrowed. Watch as she changes the *do not complain* bracelet to her other wrist. Pan out as she puts in in drive and leaves the parking lot.

Fade to black.....


  1. UGH.

    Tell us about the snazzy outfit!

  2. Yeah, I've gotten that one too.

    Fortunately I've know some great places for hiding bodies.....bwaaaahahahahaha.

  3. That's just terrible. And why does it always have to happen when you yourself are thinking you look particularly snazzy?? She was probably just ticked off because she had to go do her prison time, and wanted to get to you any way she could. We all (your loyal readers) KNOW you were looking particularly snazzy that day AND you deserved the Mary Tyler Moore music!

  4. Ohhhh NO she di-in't!
    Women can be such ... meany-pants! And the thing is we all know the SuperDuper Golden Rule #1: Never ever comment on a womans 'pregnancy status' until you have heard permission to do so. And so this was just a nasty dirty mean-y pants moment for poor Miss Tina Marie. Sad sad sad.

    I mean really - who in their right mind could say such a thing? What-evah chicka. You HOT. Smokin'... errrr.... not smokin like a cigarette, cause that's bad for you, I mean like hot... oh I give up.

  5. =:-O!!!!!!
    If I saw her I might go to slappin'!!!!

  6. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Too funny! Was her shoe fittin' in her big mouth at the end of the movie???


  7. Grrrrrr....forget her. She's not worthy to be in your royal presence. You, my dear, are beautiful!

  8. I would have drop-kicked her.

  9. Well, I'm a guy and even I know that was as low as you can go. Let's all pray for Tina Marie and see if she gets better.

  10. Anonymous5:25 AM

    I would have ran over her, backed up and done it again just for kicks.

  11. Oh Geez
    That happened to me about 30 lbs ago. By a snotty yuppie mom in a trendy baseball hat and ponytail. I wanted to dropkick her tiny little butt down the stairs. I was working in a bridal store at the time. Turns out it was just the dress I was wearing and the way I was standing as I was steaming out her wedding dress, I guess she decided since her kid was 7 it was time to marry. At least she had the grace to be extremely embarrassed and I was able to sell her another $800 of merchandise to try to make all better. HA on her
    JUst remember, weight can go away, ugly ( inside or out) can't

  12. I am so proud of you. You just got that CRV paid off. You do not need to have it impounded as evidence.

  13. Well.

    *revs engine on the towncar*

  14. :snort:
    I take it Tina Marie is still among the living???



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