Total Randomness in photos......

The Austin trip was delayed from the start. There was a bank robbery here in town that was just a few blocks away from the school. They immediately placed the school on lock down.
And LITERALLY called out the bloodhounds!!!! These are from our local prison. No lie.

Me in all my angelic glory. I love chalk. I did not draw this. We happened to find it on campus where the art contest was taking place. Notice the devils tail.
Love the shirt.
*snickers* So funny. Especially since someone went to the trouble of trying to match the colors.
~in my best twangy Texas voice~ When I die...I may not go to heaven. Cause I don't know if they let cowgirls in. If they don't, just let me go to Amy's. Cause Amy's is as close as I've been.
I am in love with the Amy's cow.
Mexican Vanilla with Pecans......O. M. G.
I also bought a t-shirt while I was there. I began to pay for it and decided to get rid of all the one dollar bills that were in my purse. I counted one...two...three....four....five....all the way to seventeen in one dollar bills. My eyes met the counter girl and I said "I swear to god I am not a table dancer." *blink blink* She busted out laughing and told me that I could so work at Amy's.
Yea and I could so not get through the door in about two weeks. I really thought you needed TWO pictures of the ice cream. ~grins~
We ate at Chuy's one night. I had been there before long ago when I was at training with the girls from work. They let us sit outside and it was so very nice. They brought this dip and I could have just done with that and a straw. Tasted like ranch dressing with chili powder and cilantro. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Me and my babygator.She has had her cellphone surgically attached to her ear. *snorts*If you are participating in a covert operation, it is best not to advertise it. I'm just saying.
The beautiful Capitol of Texas.
And the superheros that protect it. They kinda look like they are doing a Captain Morgan's commercial.
Gotta have a shot of the bluebonnets.

The murder plot that was uncovered while I was there. If the clowns had been successful, I would not be blogging for your entertainment right now.

I wonder if there are really any such thing as a hefty angel? Will we get to hang out in the *woman's world* part of heaven? Will our wings run in the *husky* size? Will we be first in line at the buffet?
Just wondering....


  1. Well don't you look cute in your pink shirt, capris, and matching pink sandals?

    Wasn't Chuy's where a certain first daughter got into some trouble some years ago?

    I can't believe I was in Austin recently and didn't discover the heaven that is Amy's! I suppose another reason to apply to do a d.min. there.

    Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  2. These are great pics Mindy - thanks. I needed a chuckle today.

    Very brave of you to draw clowns. Just sayin'...

  3. Damned incompetent clowns. I'm gonna want my deposit back.

  4. I think Rev Kim should TOTALLY do a d.min. in Texas, but she should live here, don'tcha think? That way she wouldn't be homesick for Wyoming. We look just like Wyoming, 'cept we don't have trees. Or rain. Or mountians.

    Or Meese! haaaaa!

  5. Maybe she could bring meese with her. They are just like big cows aren't they?

    And was that your covert car???

  6. And sue, I just drew heads to represent clowns. I could never draw a clown. ~shudders~

  7. "....not a table dancer" hahahahahaha. *wipes tears* I'm going to remember that one.

    Love the angel picture. Though I have to wonder why the wings and devil's tail are perfectly placed if it was not drawn just for you.

    I put on 3 pounds just looking at those ice cream and dip pictures.

    Hey! to Baby Gator. You guys had too much fun.

    And those are mighty fine super heroes protecting your capitol. Do they contract out?

  8. What about the shopping ???
    Details Girl - we want to hear the details.....

  9. Um, sorry, Babe, but that is not a Captain Morgan stand. They are not hefting one leg up in a Tampax Stance!!

    The only thing worse about that overpass is if there would have been monkeyes on it. There I said it, Monkey's freak me out like clowns freak you!!

    Love that picture of you as an angel with a devils tail.

    Never heard of Amy's Ice Cream, must be a local thing. Looks way good though.

  10. loved amy's and chuy's when we were in austin. as far as husky angels in heaven go, we get our "perfect" body when we get to heaven. i'm holding out for a size 4. glad you had a great time.

  11. We did have a fantastic time! I didn't know that your camera was able to photograph the evil clowns on that overpass. How cool is that!!!

  12. I swear Mindy - you have too much fun. I want to play with you.

    We could table dance together.

  13. You crack me up Mindy. My mother used to tell me not to get my forked tail hung up in my halo. I'm so glad you did not do that! I love all the pictures!

  14. oh honey there are sizes of anything in heaven!

  15. never bored of austin - and i actually know from where the covert car comes...

    do you think the failed clown hit was a payback for rach's b-day post?!

  16. Love, love, love the pictures!

    I am so going to Amy's when I go to Austin next year.

    When we lived there we'd go to an ice cream place on the Drag called Nothing Strikes Back. It was painted black, with flourescent "art" on the walls and the whole place was lit with black lights. Very surreal and hippie-esque. Hey, it was the 70s, you know.

  17. In answer to your question, no, I never, never get bored of Austin. I can't even imagine such a thing.

    You know, we have Amy's and Chuy's here, too. Just sayin'.

  18. My keyboard will short out from the drooling over the ice cream. (It def WOULD have shorted out if you had included a picture of Teh Clooney!)


  19. P.S.


    (maniacal laugh!!!)

  20. offended are you going to be when I call you a bitch??? *blinks innocently* I did not know that Zorra!!

    Hey...let's ALL meet up at Amy's sometime!!

  21. I am sooooo late to welcoming you back. Agree - you are very brave princess. No clowns or overpasses shall take you out. And does Amy's deliver?

  22. I vote for a road trip to Zorra's!

    (And Mindy, YOU drew the clowns first. Just sayin)


  23. Hm.....

    ~~cheesehead ponders d.min in Austin~~


  24. Deb--come on down!!!


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